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by Stooq
29 Jan 2019, 00:04
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Topic: Eol watcher
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Eol watcher

Hey every1! In November last year I prepared pretty simple application to spy for new / queued battles. Application checks in elmaonline API if there are new / incoming battles. Thanks to that I was able to not miss incoming battles. This year I prepared more refined version of that application and...
by Stooq
21 Dec 2018, 19:32
Forum: General
Topic: Golden Apple Awards 2018 - Winners announced
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Re: Golden Apple Awards 2018 - community suggestions (06/01/2019)

Internalist Spef Externalist Battler jblaze Designer TL, Fejm, Chris, misz, jblaze Breakthrough Warm up WR Warm up Style Battle replay Replay Level Contest Polish Elastomania Championship Art Contribution pawq, Markku, Kopaka Achievement Saveload Collaboration To be edited...
by Stooq
16 Nov 2018, 18:55
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Topic: Apple Cup 2018
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Re: Apple Cup 2018

Hey everyone. Andreys tournament is already on tool under link: . You can see there current status and results of tournament live (results uploaded automatically after each battle from tournament is finished!). Enjoy!
by Stooq
24 Oct 2018, 21:00
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Topic: EOL CUP PRO - tournament tool
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EOL CUP PRO - tournament tool

Hello everyone! For last few days you could encounter Flatos levs and other „tournaments” in eol. It wasn’t clear for everyone what was going on, so here I am to explain everything. Introduction For last few days I was working on a tool which could be used for organizing elastomania tournaments. Fir...