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New PR's discord channel

Post by Kopaka » 11 May 2019, 23:37

So would like to hear some opinions, we have new thing where we're able to post all new PR's in eol in a discord channel, excluding "hidden" levels, which would be internals, battles, cups, so would there be any objections to this?

Some points from the discord discussion:

- it would be own channel, so you can just mute it etc if not interested
- playing hidden could be shown or not
- anything we show is visible today on the site, just would bring more of a spotlight on it
- mostly it's just putting public info in another place, could just imagine some scenarios where someone doesn't want the attention the moment they start trying a pack
- the main issue to discuss is whether everyone is comfortable with all PRs (except in internals and other hidden levs) being posted right away or not
- being able to block it by hiding yourself may defeat the purpose of the feature, but above point is valid as well

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