FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

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FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by nick-o-matic » 6 Jan 2023, 13:12

Dear everyone,

It is time to have the biggest FEM ever at: :apple: :flower: :head: Monday 10th of July to Monday 17th of July :head: :flower: :apple:

The following stuffs are taken into account in these dates:
Monday-Monday worked nice last year. That way there's a proper climax at the weekend and there's still many people present at last day to help with wrapping up everything (I still need someone to leave a bit later to help with 100% finishing the cleaning and someone to be a bit early to help with arranging though). Mid-July is also the most free what it comes to all the farm activities. Also the Kosmos festival got its dates confirmed a while ago (21.-23.7.), meaning that there will not be overlap for those that are going there (Zero, Harald at least). The only overlap about which I am aware of it is just with Ilosaarirock.


Who is coming?

  • bene Image Image Image Image Image Image
  • ElrondMcBong Image (Mon-Sun)
  • FinMan Image
  • Harald Hasch Image
  • nick-o-matic Image (full time)
  • Raven Image
  • veezay Image + Antti Image (Mon-Sun)
  • Zero Image
High chances:
  • A.K.B. Image (full time)
  • Lousku Image
  • Pawq Image
  • Polarix Image
  • Zweq Image
Middle chances:
Low chances:

Tourism in Eastern Finland

Especially for people coming from other countries or more faraway parts of Finland I would recommend to do some local sightseeing. I did my best to create a semi-comprehesive list of sights to you.

Koitsanlahti village:

Parikkala sculpture park (2km)
  • http://www.patsaspuisto.net/english/ | http://www.patsaspuisto.net/
  • Seriously a must see for everyone, a world-famous place
  • A masterpiece by our local Michelangelo. He created a huge sculpture park into his own yard and allowed people to visit there for free. Now he is dead and there is a small voluntary but recommended entrance fee
Café Iloinen pässi (2km) Border zone signs (1-2km)
  • Signs that tell you not to go any further to the border zones
  • Do not go any further
Local berry farm (4km) Koitsanlahti manor (Koitsanlahden hovi) (3km) Orthodox-Karelian graveyard of Koitsanlahti Parikkala/Rautjärvi/Punkaharju: Uimola smoke sauna (30km) Hinkanranta smoke sauna (67km) Kollaa and Simo Häyhä museum (30km) Papinniemi camping (60km) Simpele antique and collecting summer event 13.-14.7. (10km) Eastern Finland: Savonlinna opera festival (70km) Lappeenranta (90km) :player_a:

How to get there?


If you are not coming by a car or carpooling you should first get yourself to Helsinki by plane or ferry and then take a bus/train.

Trains from Helsinki:
Price 19€ (if you book early) to ~50€ (if you book late).

Busses from Helsinki (Onnibus):
Price ~10€ (if you book early) to ~20€ (if you book late).
Only the 17:00 departures go all the way to onion farm (rest of them stop at Lappeenranta).

Busses from Helsinki (norm busses):
Price 19€ (constant price (I think??)).

Optionally, you can also fly to Lappeenranta if the few flights that exist match for you:
Arriving flights
Departing flights

If these options work for you, Lappeenranta would be the most convenient option. You basically get out of plane, show passport and get through quick security check (Lappeenranta airport is more like a bus station than an airport), take a shuttle bus or walk to train/bus station (they are close) and in one hour you are at onion farm.

You can even arrive from St. Petersburg. There are busses to Lappeenranta and Imatra and you can get a train ticket all the way to onion farm as well (train change in Kouvola).


After you are in either Simpele or Parikkala, someone will pick you up. Simpele is preferable if you come from the south. However, not all trains stop in Simpele since this year, so you might have to go all the way to Parikkala. But all the busses stop there.

If you come by car, there are two possible gravel road routes to our farm, shown on the map. However, if you are coming from Parikkala direction or go to Parikkala to do shopping, please avoid the one small bit of road drawn in this map. It is being maintained by a local farm, and they collect fees from villagemans that use it (it is norm system in Fin countryside). However, we don't pay anything to them so we should avoid traffic which can be related to us on that road.
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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by FinMan » 7 Jan 2023, 17:19

im pretty much 100%
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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by A.K.B. » 10 Jan 2023, 05:34

Very sick awesome! Will be good to lock down some events over the week to create extra hype. :) Perhaps I can come up with some things. Potentially some kuskis may need some financial help, so maybe there is some way to assist where possible?

Currently looks very possible for me to come, so I would like to say yes for this year, then can confirm 100% closer to date when booked flights. :beer:
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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by nick-o-matic » 14 Jan 2023, 22:35

Very nice fm and AKB, starting to look great already!

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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by Raven » 18 Jan 2023, 10:20

100% for few days at least!
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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by Zweq » 23 Jan 2023, 12:43

Was planning to join last year already but due to bad luck couldn't. Since the announcement was so early this year I estimate the probability of my participation to be about 99%.

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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by Lousku » 27 Jan 2023, 11:19

I go for high chance
then again i don't know anything
maybe easier not to think abouut alöl things thought than not things thought ... or something..=?

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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by Polarix » 1 Feb 2023, 20:03

Hi. I can go for high chance.

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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by pawq » 2 Feb 2023, 18:50

Get ready for Couples Contest 5! :beer:

I'm pretty much 100% full-time, will look at flights soon, until I buy them you can put me as high chances :)

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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by Igge » 4 Feb 2023, 10:22

Can't make it unfortunately :(
But I'm sure it will be a sick FEM)
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Harald Hasch
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Re: FEM 2023: 10.-17.7.

Post by Harald Hasch » 4 Feb 2023, 18:12

mark me at 100%

as i just booked my flights o/

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