Phonetalk with DarMoeD

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Phonetalk with DarMoeD

Post by Xupacabra » 15 Mar 2003, 22:07

In the thread about talking with people on the phone and meeting them in real life - no one mentioned DMD who is afterall the greatest kuski these days (or maybe forever :P )

And so, a few days ago, eyals and I decided to contact DarMoeD in a way no one has ever done - call him!

We planned the idea for some time, and came up with short questions in order to have a short "live" interview with him - and recording the whole call.

Here are the short funny questions we asked DarMoeD:

1) [Xupacabra] Do you always wear your russian army uniform when playing elma?

2) [eyals] Where did you get the knowledge about the graphic cards and how did it help you?

3) [Xupacabra] Do you plan on joining a team?

4) [eyals] What do your family and friends think about your elma career?

5) [Xupacabra] Do you have any more hobbies except elma hoyling?

We are proud to present this awsome phonetalk with the great kuski:

Have fun listening to DMD's answers!

We almost talked to his cat too ok!

Enjoy! :D

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Post by eyals » 15 Mar 2003, 22:15

well one more thing
if someone is intrested with helping us make that transcript thing, he is wellcome, i have some stuff to do int he few days and the quality of the record isn't that good and it doesn't help at all i know...

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Post by Ky.Jelly » 15 Mar 2003, 23:32

thats tricky,

not recording the one questoins lots want to know, i think a conspiricy is going on in the el ma scene
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Post by onlainari » 16 Mar 2003, 02:30

very nice! sou muzch clitching though,but it was good

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Post by Bonobo » 16 Mar 2003, 22:05

Is it real?, damn cool. Sounds like he answers Hello.
Damn cool thing to do. Can't hear everything clear.. does he say that it's warm, and snowing?
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Post by Xupacabra » 16 Mar 2003, 23:19

He sure said its snowing :lol:

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Post by darm » 17 Mar 2003, 08:23

sorry for crap english
and maybe i was drunk a bit :?

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