Bad guy reviewing Elasto Mania

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Bad guy reviewing Elasto Mania

Post by Bonobo » 27 Dec 2003, 13:11

Check this out!!
A guy reviewing Elasto Mania, but wth..

What's this!?
that guy wrote: How would you rate the game's support/service? - No comment -
He's never checked anything up?
that guy wrote: What level of addiction would you give the game? Low
Is it really low?
that guy wrote: Disadvantages - Gets boring after about two or three days.
Can he play? probably not..
It get's fun when you get controll of the bike.
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Post by 8-ball » 27 Dec 2003, 17:36

die biatch

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Post by zworqy » 27 Dec 2003, 22:11

Sitre doesn't work... well, works, but I can't read the reviews...
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Post by Revolt » 27 Dec 2003, 22:17

the site worked for me :?

bango, he prob played for like 5 mins at max :evil:

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Post by teajay » 27 Dec 2003, 22:37

ridicoulus, that's what I say.
Some advantage: the less elma players, the more 'elmascene' remains for us die hards

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Post by Mullvad » 14 Jan 2004, 19:38

Anybody knows where this guy live??
Maybe we can hold the internationall elma metting at his place.
Teach him one thing or two

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Post by m0nkeii » 19 Jan 2004, 10:15

or we could burn his house down and rape his family....only a suggestion
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