Itchy when playing

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Itchy when playing

Post by Doddddy » 13 Apr 2004, 20:08

I hate when that happens :x I was wondering if theres anyone who resisted through a hell of an itch when playing 35 :roll:
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Post by teajay » 13 Apr 2004, 20:54

at 35? yes, really! so fucking annoying, and i think you can see it where I have teh itch. Then suddenly i stopped playing for a sec or 2. :P

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Post by chux » 13 Apr 2004, 22:05

Only when I think "This is a great run, I hope I dont get an itch" when I do I try to scratch myself on something or just do it when I can play without turning...
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Post by Juski » 13 Apr 2004, 22:34

the only thing that itches when im playing is the nose and that takes like 0.01 too skratch, but i have trained so i can resist itching until it disappears
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Post by The_BoneLESS » 14 Apr 2004, 00:19

The worst is getting itchy while driving hardcore pipe levels... AAAHHHHH. :x
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Post by dz » 14 Apr 2004, 12:10

wtf, CoolGuys play with one hand and masterbate with the other!!!

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Post by John » 15 Apr 2004, 22:24

my fucking contactlens started itching after really good start on Haircut, started blink and blink and blink and suddenly I was dead and mad :evil:

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Post by magicman » 16 Apr 2004, 21:10

ez drive with pain! i like it...
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Post by ribot » 17 Apr 2004, 01:11

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