Oulu meeting 2004 aka Zweq report

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Oulu meeting 2004 aka Zweq report

Post by Abula »

Oulu meeting 2004 aka Zweq report
Date: 17. - 21. Dec 2004
Place: Oulu, Kokkola, Haparanda
Participants: Abula, mr, terb0, Juzam, Zrex, Zweq, Chazz, Fanny, Moona, Huba, Jeppe
Goals: Meet Zweq + other Kokkola guys, Cloud, Jeppe, play battles, have fun, play multi, play 24h tt, discuss about FEM05
Links: Pictures, videos (XviD)

mr and terb0 drove to Oulu to meet Abula, they played some Elma, drink beers and that normal stuff, they also visited Kokkola Elma guys including Zweq and Jeppe in Haparanda.

Thursday 16. Dec
Me and terb0 irced and got an idea that he should come to visit me with mr. Then we could go to Haparanda and Kokkola to see more elma people since we all three had spare time for some days. mr was immediately with us and the trip was true.

Friday 17. Dec
mr and terb0 drove over 400km from Joensuu to Oulu and they were in Oulu at 19:40 EET while Abula was arranging Golden Apple Awards 2004. The category we were on was 'Style' and then mr won it. It was cool to go outside and shout "mr, come here to keep your GAA speech, you won the Style category." He wasn't that keen but he wrote some lines [1].

Today we played mostly just battles and chilled. We tried to contact Jeppe so we could decide some day and time to meet. Jeppe doesn't have a cell phone so contacting wasn't that easy. He is not in IRC too often either. terb0 was called his dad and asked if he knows where is Jeppe. The conversation ended up to Jeppe's dad asking terb0 where's Jeppe. He didn't know where he is, we found out. You know, they all speak Finnish in Haparanda but his dad not so well. Also our Swedish is poor.

Saturday 18. Dec
Waking up. Playing Elma [2]. Battles. Realizing. We should do something. Ok, let's try to contact Jeppe again. We called his dad. Checked Mika phone number in Kuski gallery but he didn't answer. Also we tried to find KAAKU's number and Mika's little brother's. No results.

Plan B. We had thought that we visit Kokkola guys on Tuesday and then me would travel back to Oulu by train and mr and terb0 drive to Joensuu but now we started to think if we could go to Kokkola in next day instead of Haparanda since we can't contact Jeppe. Luckily that was fine with Juzam, Zweq and other guys. We also tried to get Cloud along us and he was thinking of coming seriously. We offered transmition, beers, cognacs and company but no. He didn't come finally. "I'm interested, I have no real reasons to skip but still I don't feel like coming." :/

Me and terb0 were drinking some beers and then we thought about going outside to see some Oulu and maybe even visit a bar and buy food. mr wasn't interested at all but we left fo us :*. We saw Oulu University, Technology village, Nallikari camping area and beach, centrum and the longest ground bridge in Finland. Then we tried to find a pub where we could drink beers. Finally there was a new bar which even has some room to stand (no places to sit). We ordered beers and talked about life (passions, girls, goals, reasons to live etc.) and such. Laughed at some expensive booze and also IRCed in bar [3]. We had fun again [4]. After that we took mega kebabs [5] and drove home. After the night even mr was happy "Whee, great thing that we went outside, cool to see new places and chill around."

Sunday 19. Dec
After 4h sleeping we wake up. A very important morning, no option to continue sleeping. It took about 3h to drive to Kokkola [6] and to Juzam's home [7] where the main meeting was planned to have. Zrex [8] came there after us, then Zweq [9] and Chazz [10] some time later. Also Fanny and Moona [11] visited us.

We played six first internal levels which I won, of course, like in FEM04 :]. Results:

Code: Select all

Abula     2:54,9
mr        2:59,3
Juzam     6:58,3  n00b and wanted to retry: 3.19.5
terb0     4:07,2
Zweq      3:07,4
Zrex      5:07,1
Chazz     3:15,5
This was first time we saw Zweq playing. All the time he complained about the keyboards and the computer. At least I thought he is just blaming the hardware because not doing well enough. But then again, he did well. He died a few times during the contest and that's why so bad total time but if I recall correct he made 31 over and under at least.

After the contest we asked him to show some skills. He complained about wrong vsyncs, keyboard, brightness etc. but he did some nice times [12]. At least Sink 33,25 first try and Lab Pro middle bounce. After some levels mr asked if they could try Zig Zag multi WR which was drivin in FEM04 by ramone and mr (time 35 secs). So they started to play [13]. Zweq seemed to know how to do the bounce. I didn't count but I approximate that he managed to do the bounce once out of three tries. Multi style's middle bounce (from left bottom to left top) was very ez for him, 9/10. mr got the apple more rare. They played about 1-2h but didn't get the WR. Zweq had to go to some Civ3 match. We said good byes and asked him to throw a word if the match ends when we are still in Kokkola. The group picture was also taken [14]. The clock is 17:00 now.

One hour for ircing, cruising, talking. At 18:00 we went to buy pizza and beers. Then to Zrex's place [15] where we saw also Huba [16]. There we kept on the chilling until Zweq announced in IRC that the match is over and he can play Elma now. mr was sleeping but I got him awake and we left Zrex and drove to Zweq's home. Other guys stayed in Zrex's place playing cards, drinking beer and playing battles.

Time is 22:00 now. Zweq was playing EET level but unfortunately we came and he stopped playing it. I'm not sure if he forgot it or was it our fault because he didn't dare to say "I whane play EET now". Anyway he never sent in and dropped in this round :(. He was getting 28-29 times though when we saw his few tries.

The room. It wasn't his sleeping room at least because the bed didn't have sheets. My guess is that the room was his big brother's old one or something since there were many many skiing trophys. Anyway the computer position was perfect. A lot of space, big enough screen, a keyboard from year 1991 (!) with nix nax sounds (hear it in the videos). The place seemed so great after Juzam and Zrex's terrible systems. Actually mr said later that the enviroment was just perfect for Elma playing and it's much to say when mr says that, because he is who really knows these things. Surprisingly he didn't use Elma 1.2 though.

So what to play then? Me or mr said that please play some internal levels which you are good at. So he played some until battle sound bling blonged. He took part in the battle and won it eventhough not played the last 5mins. Ez. Then back to Elma and he said "well, let's check levels from 1 to 54". I was thinking "Whoaha this will be fun!" and turn on my camera. He drove some great times, nice tricks and I filmed some of them. I list the levels at first and the times (me and mr remember them almost correctly, Zweq can fix it some errors). I list all interesting stuff and mention the number of tries needed approximately. And first try really means first try, not first finish for example). Videos in the end of the report.

Code: Select all

Warm Up - 14,29 (second try)
Twin Peaks - 18,54 (2-3 tries)
Over and Under 30,33 (second try)
Uphill Battle 21,24 (second try)
Hi Flyer bounce (first try, eventhough he said no change to do but let's try it)
Long Haul - 31,98, missed one apple in drop (first try)
Steppes: 12,89 (6 tries)
New Wave - Great starts
Labyrinth - 56 with bounce but missed second apple (first try)
Spiral - 45 (third try)
Turnaround - 39,86 without spinning in the drop, wrong angle (first try)
Upside Down - Great starts, fucked up the hang apple twice
Bounce Back - Some new style used there
Headbanger - 45,37 (~20 tries)
Labyrinth Pro - fucked up 2:25 run in the bounce, made middle bounce (2-3 tries)
Double Trouble - Made the shortcut but died in roof (2-3 tries)
Hehe 59 (first try)
Sink 33,25 (first try)
Tricks Abound 44,3 (second try)
Tricks Abound, Steppes, Headbanger and Over and Under were his personal top10 times. Download them except Steppes.

After all these sick times (Zweq played internals 30-45 mins) mr and Zweq started to play more Zig Zag multi. After 2h hoyling they got the WR 32,77 [17] only two minutes after the decided deadline. It was 1:02 am and Zweq had to wake up at 7:00 am or something. So we said good byes again and left the building. Picked up terb0 and drove to Oulu. In car terb0 was sleeping and me and mr analysing the guy and the times to the maximum.

Monday 20. Dec
We had decided to meet Jeppe in Haparanda Shell at 16:30 EET. It's about 135km from Oulu to Haparanda but it took almost 2h to drive that, so tough weather. Front window freezing all the time. Jeppe arrived to Shell at time and then we went to see Haparanda. Drove around the town for 10 minutes and visited one store. terb0 and mr bought lemonades, snus etc. and Jeppe three packs of coffee which are in Joensuu now because we forgot them to car when Jeppe left us.

Then we went to Grill and lauched mr's old laptop. Ircing, battling, talking, pictures. Jeppe showed some pipe skills and nice secret styles in internal levels. Jeppe hadn't been sleeping much lately and he was very tired. At 20:00 we took him home and drove back to Oulu.

In the last night in Oulu, at Abula's place, we played multi Fruit in the Den 33,97 and talked normal stuff about Elma: future, WR development, Moposite, styles. We also tried one contest which I rules and that's why I want to tell it here. Lab Pro bounce in train lev: mr was first, Headbanger pipe through: I made it at first try, Steppes pole: I made it at first try, Enigma killers: I made it at first try, and mr in second, Downhill under 1min I made 58secs about 4 seconds before mr made 56 or something.

Tuesday 21. Dec
Shopping, Chinese restaurant and good byes.

I wanted to film Zig Zag end bounce. Wasn't too difficult to film it because he made it immediately.

Some random internal levels playing. Sorry for bad quality and give me a real video camera. First level is Over and Under and time the 30,33. Quite impressive? Then comes 21,24 Uphill Battle second try. Long Haul 31,98 but missed one apple. In Hi Flyer start he says "I don't do this" and then "Over a year since last time I played the level". Then I comment "Well, pretty good anyway." He misses the flower at 35 secs if I remember correct. Tag didn't go so great. Some problems in Tunnel Terror but still max touch. Steppes needed 6 tries to get 12 secs. End.

New wave not so good. At 1:32 he says "Unbelieable". Labyrinth 56 secs first try but missed second apple. At 2:55 he says "Holy shit". At 3:54 "How's the end, don't remember at all." Then some non-Elma talk with me and mr. Then nice 45 secs in Spiral. Turnaround 39,86. Then mr starts conversation about Upside Down WR. "You should improve the WR because there is that big mistake (sarcasm)." Then I comment "Ye, in the end." No answers. Then I say in the drop: "This is something impossible." Then mr says "Dame this (hang apple) is nice in the WR replay." About Hangman Zweq says "I give up this one." In Slalom he swears again: "Oh darn." In Quick Round: "Oh woh." In level list I ask "How about Headi.." and he replies "Blaa I don't know..."

Whole video is Headbanger playing. The first finish is 47,6. Then comes 46,8 and finally 45,37. At 0:49 I say "Heah, that wasn't better than my best time, 47,21. Can you beat it?" and he comments "But it's coming. Of course." At 2:24 he swears. At 5:22 I say "Not enough ... FUCK!" Then mr asked what kind of top10 he has. Then comes my crying: "Where do I lose? I've got perfect run and 47 secs. Well I think I lose at least three secs in the start .. I mean that (pipe) is pretty fast." and mr comments "It isn't so perfect if you look at it..", seems like he didn't get my sarcasm ;). And then me keep on: "But I mean that guy drop to last uphill, fucks up in the middle .. clear fuck ups but still he got almost one second better." Then mr again: "But look at this, it goes like this." and me: "That pipe so fucking fast!" and even Zweq swears "Satan!" because he dies in the pipe again. Then I analyze my pipe style: "Me myself don't even use gas, just napping brake." And I continue: "I don't bother to try to speak English that some Luther could understand this .. but I think I need to translate these lines anyway." Zweq swears again at 6:36 and comments "It's strange that it always dies there (pipe)." and I comment back: "To me it's not strange at all." and Zweq: "It is." Then he drives the 45,37 and I'm this: "No no no and no". mr asks: "Couldn't you get WR in the level?". The video stops here but the discussion continues: "Yes, it is very easy one but it's John's." Zweq says later that there are two type of WRs: easy and hard ones. I comment back ironically: for us they are impossible and maybe possible ones.

No translation available. Too much talk.

Questions are made by me and one by MP and answers by Zweq.

- how did it feel to meet those guys? -
Well, I was very excited about the meeting, firstly because I really felt like I MUST convince them I can play some
elma and secondly because im not a very social guy :P. Excitement is natural I guess, but it really wasnt great fun
to wait for abu and guys to arrive my town. When I finally saw Abula, mr and terb0 and shaked hands with them at juzams
place, I was like in a dream. I literally felt like wtf did I enter some fem picture or what, these guys really exist?
Then I sat on a couch and felt almost normal quite fast, but when playing started, 'panic, here I come'. We did lots of
various shit on the meeting... hmm, we didn't. We played 6 internals contest and rest of the time I played multi zig
zag with mr. I really didnt like playing with juz's comp, so, I pretty much avoided playing internals.
They were all very funny guys, telling jokes, mongoing around, especially terb0 who was really entertaining
fella. He even called jeppes father, asked if jeppe was there in finnish, then he changed to very clumsy swedish and
said something like 'säga till honom att jag kallade'. Anyway, I left juz's place after 2,5 hours and on the evening
I met Abula and mr once more at my place. First i played one battle (won), then I played some internals doing quite
decent times with my own computer now (vids). After that we played multi zig zag with mr until 1am (8 am school :/)
when we finally got the very good time in my opinion, 32:77. After that they left immediately, because they really were
in a hurry now when multi zig took so long (I wish we had saved some fuck up recs) Shortly I could say that I was max
panic during the whole meeting. Playing went fine, but chatting was too much. But now when its all over, I think it
was worth it

- did you do good when showed skills in juzams place/home in your opinion, luck? just normal driving? -
At juzam's place I didnt do good at all, not much else to tell about that. At home I was able to do normal runs time
to time, but for example after finishing under and over in 30:33 with 3rd try and abula putting camera on, I wasn't
able to play on my own level I think. For example on uphill battle I fucked big time, only 21:2x ride or so :/.

- are you happy of being trusted now and not claimed to be cheating? -
If I really am trusted now, of course im happy. Don't know if they noticed that I avoided serpents tale :P. I just didnt
feel like playing it because I had tried it home before and bounce didn't feel good at all. But anyway, I think they
believe that 52 is ez shit after 3 weeks of playing if one minute is enough to get like a world top5 time on a lev I
haven't played(hoyled) for 1,5 years.

- was it hilarous to watch other ppl playing when they were so sucky (mr for example)? -
I think mr did very good, and this is not any 'there there talk'. But to be honest, I never stopped wondering why
the hell everybody hit that keyboard so damn hard, and especially abu seemed to be excited about headbanger pipe.
It's hard to describe but it was like 'pls go' and the body moves etc. oh boy :DDD

- did you get some elma motivation again? actually where do you get the motivation at all? -
Yes, I got motivated to drive 24h tt contest. Usually I get motivated when I lose a wr, so, I could say pls (dont) take
them :P

- are you going to take part in Wcup5? -
Yes, though Im not very excited about externals, so probably I'll just do good at first half of the cup. Depends much
on the levs of course.

- what about the future? more elma? meetings? fem05? -
I don't know about the future (surpirse), maybe do 36 tt, check elma 2, meet john and magicman, take road sign pictures
(or maybe not) ;)). At this point I don't know about fem05, in my opinion meetings should be fun not like go show skills
or sth and at this point of my life I can say that hanging with 'total strangers' havent been fun yet. Dunno, it's very
fascinating to think about playing multi with T0ringe, drinking beer with karlis talking about gravity ride (old). But
anyway, I'll promise to play that damn serpents if i'll show up ;D

Personal feelings
I have never seen anything like this. No one is even near to him of those players I have seen IRL. Max respects to him, hopefully he will play the game in the future and participate to competitions.

I hope people (especially terb0 and mr as they were the ones who made the most effort) had fun and got good experiences during the period. At least I had max fun. Thanks fellas.
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Great stuff! Zweq you're crazy with headbanger :P
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I don't know what to say... Insane! :D
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err... nice :D
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hih fun watching those videos
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Zweq plays elma like he plays piano, strange keyboard positions =)
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Unknown fileformat Xvid!

I use BSplayer. I tried with Windows Media Player, but there was no picture, only sound.
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Pertti wrote:Unknown fileformat Xvid!

I use BSplayer. I tried with Windows Media Player, but there was no picture, only sound.
Have you gotten the newest DivX codecs?
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Re: Oulu meeting 2004 aka Zweq report

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Back then zweq was still cool ^^
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Re: Oulu meeting 2004 aka Zweq report

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can someone reupload the movies?
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Re: Oulu meeting 2004 aka Zweq report

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reupload the movies please
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Re: Oulu meeting 2004 aka Zweq report

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I have all except oulu_meeting_2004-jeppe.avi. Heer: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/65505467/oulu_meeting.zip
then again i don't know anything
maybe easier not to think abouut alöl things thought than not things thought ... or something..=?
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