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Elma science

Post by sunl » 8 Jul 2016, 06:45

Post elma scientific studies here.

I did a quick scientific test to estimate the approximate boost from spinning + brake versus gas

I did 5 tests:
(1) While falling straight down, 1 right volt in air + brake & right volt when touching ground
(2) 1 alovolt in air, right volt+brake on ground
(3) 2 alovolt in air, right volt+brake on ground
(4) 3 alovolt in air, right volt+brake on ground
(5) Amount of time to accelerate to a given speed in saveload

I tried (1)-(4) until I got 30 good attempts each and recorded my fastest horizontal speed. I then compared to the amount of time needed to gas to reach the same horizontal speed. Since it takes 0.20-0.30 seconds pressing brake to get boost from spin, I then removed 0.30 seconds from final result to estimate the "impact" of spinning onto flat ground

Will put link to recsource example tomorrow


In optimal conditions, with no horizontal speed and on flat ground, you gain the following speed when doing spins:
2 right volt=Save 0.71 seconds of gas time
alo+right=Save 1.00 seconds of gas time
alo+alo+right=Save 1.50 seconds of gas time
alo x3+right=Save 1.92 seconds of gas time
Gas: 14.643 speed/second, until bike speed is 220.00 at which point acceleration is 0 speed/second.

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