jaytea visits FEM2020

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jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by jaytea » 1 Sep 2019, 07:52

The mood was light and cheerful at the 20th anniversary of the Finnish Elma Meeting, with kuskis sat around casually cruising battles and generally enjoying each other's company. In the corner, a few of them were watching old world record replays and engaging in nostalgia over the "good old days".

Suddenly, a booming voice was heard throughout the entire cottage; its deafening baritone drawing the attention of everyone inside.


The hulking figure of jaytea stood gracefully in the doorway of the cottage, casting an enormous shadow over its stunned inhabitants. A few kuskis fainted in panic. "jaytea!" screamed Zweq, as he jumped out of his seat and came to a deferential bow at the feet of the absolute legend. "Please, sir... teach me Pipe brutal". jaytea looked down at the snivelling creature in front of him and shook his head slowly. With the agility of a man half his size, he spun around and delivered a perfect roundhouse kick to the side of Zweq's head, knocking it clean off his torso and sending it flying across the room.

"Who is the best battler amongst you?" demanded jaytea, ignoring everyone else's mournful sobs. Eyes darted nervously across the room; their gaze finally settling upon Zero, who immediately pissed himself in terror. jaytea slowly and confidently made his way over to where Zero was seated; his intense stare locked on his prey with laser focus; pushing aside all chairs, tables, and kuskis in his way. "Present me with your most höyled level," commanded jaytea. Not daring to disobey, Zero scrolled through the list of externals with trembling fingers before coming to a stop at a remarkably playable Reefer level.

jaytea seized the keyboard and drove a new world record on his first try. His face remained expressionless, with not even so much as a smirk emerging from his chiselled features as the words "Best Time!" lit up the screen in front of him. "This is sass amazing," muttered terb0 in disbelief. Abula sprung out of his chair and started doing the korpitsa in celebration. "Fifty two!" yelled ramone, for no reason.

"I am the greatest," declared jaytea. There was no objection.
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by FinMan » 1 Sep 2019, 08:14

This is perfect.
... .. Pipe levels ... . ...Höylä levels .. ...
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by Zero » 1 Sep 2019, 08:51

Haha, this lore has my full support.
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by ArZeNiK » 1 Sep 2019, 09:16

sounds cool
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by umiz » 1 Sep 2019, 09:36

I must be there to see this :lol:
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by Ruben » 1 Sep 2019, 10:29

I love it.
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by abruzzi » 1 Sep 2019, 22:08

had immense goosebumps reading this with jaytea's voice. incredible
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by pawq » 1 Sep 2019, 22:30

jaytea wrote:
1 Sep 2019, 07:52
"Fifty two!" yelled ramone, for no reason.
Perfect :lol:

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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by Zweq » 2 Sep 2019, 07:21

I've heard a couple of times from ppl "you should play pipe", this is the most creative one yet.

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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by Bjenn » 2 Sep 2019, 10:44


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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by nick-o-matic » 2 Sep 2019, 10:53

I don't know if I dare to arrange FEM2020 anymore :D

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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by kuchitsu » 2 Sep 2019, 13:34

Yeah, you gotta watch out when jaytea is nearby: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6727

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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by AndrY » 3 Sep 2019, 17:27

max fun xDD

always love such posts (this topic i mean)
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Re: jaytea visits FEM2020

Post by A.K.B. » 24 Nov 2019, 02:24

Make into a feature film for FEM2020 @iCS
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