oke eol testing

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Re: oke eol testing

Post by pawq »

As people pointed out already, they do get uploaded with "Lock new levels", but are not downloadable (and don't appear in search until you type the full exact name). My mistake originally, sorry :upside_down:
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Re: oke eol testing

Post by jonsykkel »

dont done anyzink since june so loks lik im in orka mode for time bing
ges wil get bak 2 it som tiome later
i put curent version now cuz maby thers 1 usefull feture (idea by LOKUS) u can use if editor level can put arg to levell (okeol.exe <path 2 lev>) and it open lev in "test mode" wher online and menu disable and u can test lev then pres esc twice 2 quit
editor maker ppl cud ad buton "p" to lunch curent open lev like this
so can easy test level sle new ale yale
u can also rigt clik .level open with etc so can doble clik any .level file
dont reuse old comfig cuz chagned evrythig
new make acount place is https://okeapp.janka.la/ but gues server not up for very long
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