Ultimate EOL Ranking discussion

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Re: Ultimate EOL Ranking discussion

Post by 8-ball » 8 May 2013, 14:26

Maybe make 2 separate stats for any wins and wins in battles against 10+ people?

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Re: Ultimate EOL Ranking discussion

Post by Bludek » 8 May 2013, 16:38

Kopaka wrote:For amount of wins, should I make it so a win only counts if there is certain amount of players in a battle? I imagine around 5 or something.
Win should not count if there is only one player (you), but I guess if you win againts someone it is legitimate win Image
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Re: Ultimate EOL Ranking discussion

Post by pawq » 8 May 2013, 19:38

I'd say 5 is quite reasonable. Also, what about the damn stats :(

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Re: Ultimate EOL Ranking discussion

Post by Mooneater » 18 Mar 2014, 15:54

Is there any progress on this?

Imho it would be really nice if there would be a kind of ranking system - this would maybe also spur the "lower level" players (mayb only me though xD) to compete a bit more. After all, it pays off when you end up before someone else, even if you don't win.

E.g. let's say I'm in a battle with MoonJelly and Zweq, (and some others), and I beforehand know I won't beat Zweq (duh), but it might be interesting for me to try to beat MoonJelly's time, in order to beat him in the rankings.

Sach things!

I think an Elo system or something like that can do this...

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Re: Ultimate EOL Ranking discussion

Post by Kopaka » 18 Mar 2014, 16:18

Funnily enough I was just looking into this yesterday, reading a bit up on ELO and finding a php script for it. Like half an hour before you wrote that post I sent a message to stini asking about his progress with his system.

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