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Post by Abula » 11 Jul 2003, 14:42

Description: IRC, Mopolauta, Kuski Gallery
Writers: jcl, MP, Luther, 8-ball
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Post by jcl » 12 Jul 2003, 00:28

Quite old news for ppl interested in the hungarian scene, but MGen, who retired last year, again shows some activity on hungarian tables. Apart from the new internal styles (like Quick Round, Flat Track or Twin Peaks) he drove some other decent times.
Let's hope he gets interest to drive some WRs again...
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Post by MP » 14 Sep 2003, 17:31

Time to wake up this topic

There is much happening in elma scene like always, here some stuff that comes to my mind:

*Many new teams (suprise suprise) and here are few that I took from "new teams and members" topic:
-HHIT (BoneLESS, mbazyle and some other guys there)
-II (axxu, revolt, bigred)
-RH (bonobo, xian, frenzy) with nice site
...just take a guess how long any of these teams will last, 1month? 3month?

*Lots of noobsters coming all the time, some more annoyng than others. Pedro is one of the newest of them (who hangs in #across too), even mrs sisters are better than him at the moment, but maybe he is a future he is a real WR crusher

*Abula doing good in army=bad for moposite, he will be there about 9months more

*Darmoed back on elma nerding, I'm sure he won't do a major internal comeback like many noobfans wishes, or maybe he will now to prove me wrong

*Cloud has been away for some time, he is moving to new home so no acces to internet. But I bet he is back soon

*And last but not least, Abu gave me teh power to write news to this (community), rumours and contests (watch out for personal bragging)
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Post by MP » 15 Oct 2003, 16:35

Team EM almost dead?
Mick is the only one who has been here all the time, madman came back few months ago ..but dunno for how long time. Ciph took a quick visit to #across few days ago and made a topic here in lauta, but seems like elma is left behind or? Zeizei and \DC are completely lost ...yeeh

Jalli (EMA) and TorInge (IC) did a temporary team for King Cup called NKOTB (Norwegian Kings On The Block). Their co-operation seems to work ..first round positions 1st and 2nd
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Post by dz » 29 Oct 2003, 21:27

Have you ever thought about a team which would be made of players which each one of them has total time starting with 38:XX.....
Yes, every member of the team would have Total Time under 39 minutes.
So I guess you would think it could have only two or max three players, but I'm talking about four, the four ONLY ones who, by far, has that kind of total time.

The Top-4 players in TT list at the moment is Zweq, TorInge, DarMoeD and Cloud.

Well just recently, about two one and a half week ago it was announced that these top-four players has formed a team which concist of only these particular four players, who are completely ruling the internal scene compared to any other players at the moment.
So they are all in the same team now, in IC (I guess they didn't make up a better one so they used cloud & tor's team instead).

There has been a lot of criticism about the situation of having world's four currently "best" players in the same team, check out the topic from HERE.

The future will show us how it will go with the definietly interesting situation. Some think it'll brake up in no time, some think it will be a success. What do you think?

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Post by dz » 9 Nov 2003, 08:34

Seems like it wasn't such a good idea after all. Umm yes.. what?
Well of course the team with four best internal players at the moment.
It lasted pretty much exactly for three weeks and now it's gone.
Read more on the same topic I've put above.

Well, it'll stay in history as a great example for future generations how things can turn out eventhough everyone assures themselves everything is perfectly fine and nice.

During the three weeks of existence, the team managed to break 17 WRs, not too bad. :P

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Post by dz » 15 Dec 2003, 22:04

Members of IC, plus some other guys, Luther, MJXII, Jalli and Totti at least joined together in a new team called ICE.
They do not have a homepage yet as far as I know.

So the current ICE crew is at least Cloud, TorInge, MJXII, Luther, Jalli and Totti.

Don't blaim me if I forgot someone, get a teampage! :P

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Post by Kopaka » 28 Dec 2003, 10:32

Elasto Mania gift Shop
Csaba made an Elasto Mania shop after all. Nice stuff there.

Buy your own Yes I Do Engima shirt, or U Got pwned teddy Bear, check out the new Dragstrup elma site shop.

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Post by Kopaka » 29 Dec 2003, 15:58

Mopolauta stats

824 registered users
43318 articles
Top ten posters have posted 15628 articles, that's 36 % of all posts.
33 of top 50 posters have a website
54 of top 100 posters have a website.
390 users haven't posted a single article.

Posts by forum:
Mopolauta - 27 post, 0.06 %

Elma and Across
General - 12184, 28.13 % (Biggest)
Replays and times - 6181, 14.27 %
Advertising - 4604, 10.63 %
Problems - 1086, 2.51 % (smallest*)
New versions - 1137, 2.62 %

Feedback - 2441, 5.64 %
Polls - 1444, 3.33 %
News - 86, 0.20 %

Non-Elma related discussion - 11671, 26.94 %
Testing - 1971, 4.55 %

*Where all can post.

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Post by Kopaka » 16 Jan 2004, 17:40

World Cup price got stolen !

DarMoeD's money price from WCup 4, which is 30€, got stolen. After px had sent it with the post, some bad guy felt like he could use those money, and took them. If DarMoeD will get any money is so far unknown.

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Post by dz » 21 Feb 2004, 14:49

Abula still at army - 139 days to go.

That makes 4 months and some weeks, so not that much to go but still quite a lot. :wink:

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Post by 8-ball » 4 Jul 2004, 12:41

:mrhat: -= 5 mornings 'til Abula's comeback from army =- :mrhat:

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Post by 8-ball » 5 Aug 2004, 17:23

Probably the most shocking event ever in the whole Elasto Mania scene:

DarMoeD's been caught cheating!!!


More: site news.

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Post by Juble » 8 Aug 2004, 08:10

If you didnt know yet kuski gallery looked quite 'dead' for a couple months, mostly due to poor admin they were to lazy to update, but they have started to be more now is the time to upload new pictures and a new user if you dont have one.

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- Thought and feelings about the Community -

Post by Luther » 29 Dec 2004, 09:50

We're approaching 2005.

When Darmoed left the Scene due to cheating (no further explaination required), I was one of them who never thought the Scene would look the same again, but Oh My was I wrong!

As for 2004, I went to FEM04, which for me personally was an experience I will never forget. And as corny it may sound, spending time with other people, actually interested in the same little stupid game as you actively have tried to not tell people about, in a cottage somewhere near nowhere, is and was a really refreshing and welcomed feeling. And the Elastomania scene will definitely remember 2004 as a year when players, apart from team FM and a few other people, stood up from their chairs and shook hands with other, regarding Elastomania, equal-minded, people and made our Community even more real.

Our community hold names that it will always be connected to, I'm talking about skint0r of course and Jeppe of course and many others as well. Without them we would never had charactirised the Scene to what it is and was. And we thank them for that.

We've seen Karlis go under 40 minutes in total time - and who ever believed that!

We've seen old players rise and drive world records as if they never got tired of the game.

We've seen Curvacous shift from a hoylish quite boring level, to a more bouncy tricky level and now most recently into an highly advanced trick-level! Who ever believed Curvacous would go under 30 seconds?!

We've seen insane bounces like never before! Stini has showed us the meaning of bounce (not without lively discussions about bounce limit allowance though) and we've seen the most insane players perform extremely neat runs on Serpents tale and most recently players who keep on "bug-spamming" times on Pipe. Truly there is still life in Elastomania and the Community!

All of a sudden players like Ciph and Madman become active again, and a new fresh, but at the same old, Elastomania-spirit rises. We've also seen players leave the scene and changes in the Elastomania-throne.

Zweq is currently dominating, with t0r right behind him and they both seem unbeatable by anyone else, perhaps in the future players like axxu will stand up against them? Because at this very moment, there is no active player who can oppose or play Elastomania in the same division as they do.

As always in the Scene there are really good players whose location is either Russia or any other rather non-english speaking country, and whose total times are totally amazing: first player on my mind got to be the silent player Kuper (which I believe soon will pass me in total time. Well, unless I do something about it of course).

We've seen a generation change. Semi-old players, like Cloud, have taken up smaller space and have adapted to a more discrete profile in the scene, whereas other newcomers, like Sierra or aavv or any other players from the new generation, have managed to make people convinced about their achievements.

It has been a time where former professional players have stepped down and given place to other more fresh Elastomania talents, but at the same time, it has been a time where old players still have convinced newcomers that they're still in the competition.

I myself are delighted and glad to be a part of all this and I might not be playing as much right now, but you never know when I'll be back.

Has the end yet been reached, some people may think. Has Elastomania dried out? Personally I would laugh at such a redicilous thought - ahead of us lies not only better times and new rising Elastomania stars, but perhaps another World Cup and of course FEM05. I'll be there and hopefully many of you as well.

Another coffee, and from what I can see from here the sun is almost up. 09,50 is the time and it's the 29th of December. Still Christmas vacation for some of us, but not for me. Back to work -->

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Iron Maiden

Post by Luther » 8 Jul 2005, 09:29

Iron Maiden

In a few hours skint0r will arrive along with a friend to Gothenburg where I am to meet him on his Iron Maiden quest.

He and his friend will be staying at my place for the weekend to avoid redicilous Hotel costs and above all, to have a nice time.

oizo! will join us later today and along with two other friends of mine, we'll socialise tonight and have a nice time - so I hope for!

Tomorrow (saturday) at noon Crazy arrives along with his friend, and will also stay the weekend at my place awaiting the Iron Maiden concert.

Jalli is also in Gothenburg to watch Iron Maiden, though I have not yet made contact with him or have been given a clear answer if he wants to visit us or not.

Well, we'll see how it'll be =)

Take care people, ah yea, skint0r is bringing his camera.

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Everyday thoughts and easy reading

Post by Luther » 18 Nov 2005, 09:33

Everyday thoughts and easy reading, about Elma, the scene and some other things.

It’s already November, up here in Scandinavia a cold, dark and long winter lies ahead. Days are already shorter and most of the time, while it’s supposed to be bright sunlight, it’s raining anyway. This typical weather makes me want to sum up the Elma year of 2005, well, just to write some lines about it, nothing fancy, but still, what has happened?

For me personally, I thought I already understood what the scene was about and I also thought I knew most of the people present within, but was I wrong, during 2005 I realised that the scene is constantly renewing itself, new players come, old disappear. And I’ve felt myself doing the latter.

Then again, it’s like a safe haven you can always return to; when you feel like the burden of the real life is too hard on you, when you feel like getting back at it with the kuskis. There’s always time to make come backs, and I think we’ve seen both new Elma stars and characters rising and too, some really nice come backs.

I don’t know how or where to start, but I guess with World Cup 5. Personally World Cup 5 blew life into Elma again; it made people play more, the scene to grow immensely and I was totally absorbed by it.

I remember thinking something like that there’s no end to the variety of people playing this game; personalities, social status, age, well gender ought to be the exception. Anyways, as World Cup went on I also started to think of Elma as more of a hobby of mine, like painting or writing, than an ordinary game, I mean, some game I could compare to another – which I can’t (and I rarely play other games nor use my computer for many other purposes but Elma).

Give me one minute; I’m just going to make myself another cup of coffee.


As I was pouring myself another one, I realised that, you people, you present on IRC #across and likewise, you probably recognise me when I join – I most likely will recognise you as well. Do I know you and do you know me? For all the years we’ve been here, within the borders of the same game and within the walls of the same channels, how well do we know each other? I would say, relatively bad. We know more about the characters we made up for ourselves, than we do, about our real selves, though with exceptions.

This is of course the most natural thing, but with time, personally, those characters present in the scene have gotten less interesting – and more annoying – than before. It has become some sort of standard to “keep up” with your character; the attitudes, the language, the personality (e.g. being angry, or whatever it is people relate your character with).

I’m aware of the fact a lot of you surely will disagree with the rationalization I’m making here with characters and how we perceive one another, but on the other hand I’m convinced some of you will nod in agreement.

Regardless, I don’t know what I want to have said with this writing, nor am I intending to provoke or affect anything with it. I guess I just want to say a few words that hopefully can make up as an appreciation towards you, the scene, and all the nice moments, nice events and laughter I’ve shared with you. I guess it doesn’t happen more than once in a lifetime that one is being involved in such a unique thing as Elma and such an, almost, oddly serious environment surrounding this trivial game. Yes, I have been walking on the street, or been out on some club where I’ve met guys who has come up asking me if “I’m not that guy who is awesome at that bike game”, replying “yes”, excluding the years of practice and the great potion of patience I’ve spent on it.

People escape reality with drugs and alcohol, with travels or, even, studies. Some escape with games, movies, books, other kinds of entertainment. Isn’t that why we play? We’re addicted because Elma makes us escape reality easily; it makes us not think about other, more complex things – at least for a while. It’s like any addiction, cocaine, heroine, makes you perceive reality as a little bit easier than normally, for the duration of its effects – during when you play the game.

Despite how good cure it may seem; for depressions, for hating your own person, your looks, your life? It’s necessary to look at it with a glimpse in the eye in the end; it is merely a game after all. Still I’m sitting here, with a fever, it’s nighttime and I’m too tired to play, to restless to watch a movie, can’t phone anyone, too sick to attend university lectures in the morning, so naturally, what could be nicer than to write something like this?

Enough jabber about nothing. Anyway, as the scene is surviving year after year, one might suspect our precious World records to reach its peak sooner or later, but really, time has proven otherwise; World records are more frequently broken now, than ever! And personally I have so many to thank for this true joy:

Warm up
15. #201 14,05 Karlis [FM]
Flat track
23. #202 15,19 Ded
24. #203 15,18 Dariuz
25. #215 15,16 Dariuz
26. #220 15,13 Dariuz
Twin peaks
23. #198 17,83 TorInge [ICE]
Over and under
23. #221 29,91 axxu [AC]
Long Haul
18. #196 30,75 TorInge [ICE]
Hi flyer
11. #221 33,13 John [WNO]
20. #209 20,91 Karlis [FM]
Tunnel terror
20. #202 57,46 TorInge [ICE]
Gravity ride
18. #200 23,73 TorInge [ICE]
19. #206 23,66 Karlis [FM]
20. #209 23,64 Karlis [FM]
21. #219 23,54 John [WNO]
22. #223 23,49 Karlis [FM]
23. #224 23,48 TorInge [ICE]
Islands in the sky
20. #197 20,88 Karlis [FM]
Hill legend
17. #219 15,39 axxu [AC]
18. #220 15,37 Jalli [ICE]
19. #221 15,27 axxu [AC]
20. #224 15,19 axxu [AC]
Serpents tale
19. #223 52,40 Karlis [FM]
20. #224 52,22 TorInge [ICE]
20. #200 54,73 TorInge [ICE]
21. #207 54,67 John [WNO]
15. #223 37,16 Juzam [WNO]
16. #225 37,08 Juzam [WNO]
Upside down
15. #197 59,68 TorInge [ICE]
16. #226 59,67 John [WNO]
25. #211 39,07 axxu [AC]
26. #224 39,05 TorInge [ICE]
27. #226 38,96 TorInge [ICE]
Quick round
19. #201 36,48 Zweq [WNO]
20. #202 36,46 TorInge [ICE]
Ramp frenzy
18. #200 52,19 TorInge [ICE]
19. #205 51,08 TorInge [ICE
7. #201 24,50 TorInge [ICE]
18. #199 22,52 Jalli [ICE]
19. #213 22,51 TorInge [ICE]
20. #218 22,49 Jalli [ICE]
21. #222 22,48 John [WNO]
22. #223 22,36 John [WNO]
23. #224 22,34 TorInge [ICE]
24. #225 22,29 John [WNO]
Shelf life
20. #197 34,88 TorInge [ICE]
21. #213 34,87 Karlis [FM]
22. #224 34,83 TorInge [ICE]
Bounce back
15. #204 50,92 Luther [ICE]
16. #214 50,76 John [WNO]
16. #213 44,39 Kuper
17. #219 44,05 Luther [ICE]
Animal farm
14. #205 1:16,84 TorInge [ICE]
Steep corner
21. #202 43,31 John [WNO]
22. #216 43,16 axxu [AC]
23. #217 43,09 axxu [AC]
Labyrinth pro
25. #205 2:17,46 TorInge [ICE]
Fruit in the den
14. #210 57,70 John [WNO]
15. #212 57,69 Luther [ICE]
17. #227 54,02 Luther [ICE]
24. #200 29,32 Jalli [ICE]
25. #202 29,25 Jalli [ICE]
24. #198 40,43 KD [mEkK]
25. #199 40,42 KD [mEkK]
26. #200 40,15 Stini [ICE]
27. #207 40,05 Stini [ICE]
28. #208 40,04 Stini [ICE]
29. #209 39,90 Stini [ICE]
30. #225 39,70 Totti [ICE]
He he
9. #201 56,96 TorInge [ICE]
17. #222 55,06 ramone
18. #223 55,02 ramone
What the heck
22. #215 38,46 John [WNO]
Hang tight
22. #197 24,85 TorInge [ICE]
Apple harvest
31. #198 1:28,56 TorInge [ICE]
32. #199 1:26,90 TorInge [ICE]

So conclusively what have we seen? Throughout 2005, we’ve seen (in order of amounts of World records):

TorInge 19 WR
John 11 WR
Karlis 8 WR
axxu 7 WR
Jalli 5 WR
Luther 4 WR
Stini 4 WR
Dariuz 3 WR
Juzam 2 WR
ramone 2 WR
Ded 1 WR
Kuper 1 WR
Totti 1 WR
Zweq 1 WR

71 World records ladies and gentlemen! We have from first table in 2005 up until now, seen 71 World records, amazing!

How does one comment this? Well, one can easily see that zweq – one of the best players the scene has ever had (and probably will have) has lain his playing on ICE (oho, Luther is funny). Whereas young players have developed and proven to us that enough efforts put down generates good results; axxu. A kuski everyone, even before he started to take World records, tought was one of the best, shown in external contests, ALP, #battle. But it wasn’t until World Cup 5 was over, that he seemed to realise his own skills, that he was able of driving World records. And after his first World record, came the second one and 2005 surely was, and still is, axxu’s biggest Elma year so far.

We’ve seen John go from pretty unknown on The Table, to a fierce player – truly one of the best players the scene has ever had, as well. And now, he’s proving it with vengeance: breaking my own records, among other things.

Karlis, well, need less to say. However the year of 2005 seemed quite a nice Elma year for him, driving a total of 8 World records and constantly proving his worth in the Elma Hall of Fame. Despite his age, he seems rather healthy and strong, and I hope he’ll keep on blowing us away with stunning times and his charming attitude, that is, unless he gets a stroke or whatever. No, but seriously, Karlis is a fantastic player, who now can settle down with the knowledge of the permanent four digits: 1405.
I did comment on Karlis’ age, though without mentioning another player who made a brief World record come back: ramone. If you wonder where some people get the patience to play and play and never give up, it is not only me or Karlis or anyone else you should talk to; we’ve all learned from ramone. With striking skills and an urge to find new styles, this old man still finds his way in the upper class of the scene. Keep that bowling alive now mister!

My dear team mates have too proven their rights of being called among the absolute best: jalli, who as I’m writing this, is celebrating his birthday, the officially acclaimed pipe king, is one of the most beloved players the scene has: he plays with great determination and does achieve his targets; he is an awesome external as well as internal kuski, and I’m a proud team mate.

Totti, the baby of ICE, is indeed the cutest there is. And to explain how it felt when he started to take World records I must create a scenario: Imagine you spend three years of your life with a friend – who has a sister. You two guys help each other out baby sitting her and feeding her and so on. One year later, you move abroad and don’t come back until ten years later. You get to meet your best friend’s sister, but how do you perceive her? As the stunning young woman she is (yes, that you most likely, in sever shock, do want to impregnate instantly), or as the young girl you once fed with [whatever]?

Totti was the young girl, but is now, not what I want to impregnate instantly – but a full-grown professional Elma player.

Stini, well, I think “chess” chess, chess. And some think Pipe bounces, maybe some beginners are astounded by 32,98 as well. I can only say, well, I am too. However if it wasn’t for the Enigma World record he currently (and probably forever) holds, Stini would almost certainly be more loved, than he is now; underground forces are stirring towards his will, with anger and frustration. Great World record, by the way.

Juzam whom I’ve met and therefore can assure you, is a freaking funny guy. Even the more fun was when he took on a level I did not think of as a possible World record: Turnaround. Everyday I learn something new, Juzam, without me having seen the replay, must’ve really put a lot of energy and patience with playing this one. My best congratulations. Juzam gets along in #across well, with his charming attitude as the beer-lover he is, and the just recently broken leg, that hinders him from leaving the channel. Maybe you should be more careful next time you… “turn around”.

Dariuz I do not know in person, nor have ever spoken to, and I don’t dare to state the nature of 15,13, though I’m extremely impressed by the consistent playing this, reasonably unknown, kuski has presented us with. A series of unfortunate events seemed to happen to DeD, who very briefly also had the Flat track World record, I have no further comment to this.

KD, well, those familiar with our Elma history know of KD as the “Haircutter”. Unfortunately it seems he won’t be cutting hair any longer, which he has Totti and Stini to thank. Nevertheless, KD is a great internalist and has taken Haircut to another level. If we are to see more World records from KD, I suggest you start looking at number 39. And KD, have you heard of Regain?

Kuper, who is still relatively unknown to the international scene, though apparently extremely famous and recognized on a national scale, shows up on The Table once in a while presenting us with awesome times. Kuper is to me a player of raw skill and from the impression I have from him, he indeed seems like a very nice guy and I hope to see more from him in the future.

Well then, was this all I had to say about the kuskis who made it to The Table 2005? Or have I forgotten someone? Yes, I did forget Toringe, but how is that possible? Let me tell you why; Tor is the most dominant player the scene has ever had and I’m trying hard not to praise him to the skies, but I fail vigorously, as Toringe is actually worthy of being praised. There was a time when zweq putted up with a great fight with Toringe, though as zweq faded away from internaling, Toringe was left behind with no actual threat – as it seems. From what I’ve heard (from people present at FEM05, to which I deeply regret I couldn’t come), Tor is a calm, nice guy, with wonderful skills – I would indeed want to sit next to him and be depressed, yes I would! Just to eliminate any possible belief I have about my own skills as good. Let me sum up; there is one thing playing and playing and focusing and being patient to the brink of death with beating a World record, and there is one thing just doing it with a wave with your hand. Tor never gives us the finger, but he waves with his hand and get World records written on The Table – and we all just smile.

That was them all and I apology for how long this writing turns out to be. It’s just that, once you start you can’t finish writing about all those guys, and you most definitely can’t leave anyone out! And I’m sorry if I did. You affected will have to tell me at a later occasion.

Anyway, as you can see, things are happening, but we aren’t getting any younger; I feel privileged being able to spend my time writing this, because it does take up time, time where I am actually supposed to do other things. And I guess that with age, you’re supposed to do more and more, and so far, I haven’t seen the end of it. Will some of you regret that you spent all the time on Elma that you did? Will you be glad you did? I’m not very concerned about it, I like doing what I’m doing, it makes the deepest nerd in me satisfied, my competitive me, that gets to be expressed through Elma and its content. And most of the time, Elma is a one-man thing: like masturbation. And by all means, you can masturbate and have a relationship simultaneously (supposedly most do), however, it is not as common. Fuck common.

By writing this, all you guy’s names go through my head, all those nicks, achievements, comments, thoughts, and attitudes: are you real? Have I been exchanging some BULLE with unreal people playing a useless game for years and years, or have I learned something? The answer is simple, no, I haven’t learned anything of value, I’ve met people whom I like to talk to, people who I don’t give a fuck about how they look, what their values are and so forth: we share this game, and the game shares us. Unexplainably, however, it does seem some of us are mysteriously similar in many ways.

Another thing that stuck on my mind is the non-commercialistic value of Elma. The finest of it all, is that we are dedicated, without generating any economic income or any other form of income, what so ever. I’d like to explain myself further: people who play WoW day and night and weeks and months, they don’t earn anything either, on the contrary, they pay to play (or any other MMORPG), but what makes that different from Elma? Well, for god’s sake, maybe millions of people? Less than 1000 persons are active in the Elma scene, less than 100 are very active and dedicated. This is worth appreciation and acknowledgment, respect.

As the scene is growing in age, so are we, the participators. I forecast, that in a few years, many of us will have finished our Universities (some already have, and indeed the majority of us are within this category) and some of us will have our own families and lives, stable works and so on. Now is a time where I see most of us wandering around in some blurry existence, not knowing what the fuck to do, nor what to aim for. Some have come further than other in this matter, and for some, it hasn’t even started yet. However, the majority of us (the average guy) aren’t getting any younger, and I do hope to see something like the following in the future:

“Hi, this is me, I’ll come online a bit later, I just got to pick up my children from school, you think you can move the mopobattle one hour ahead? Thanks, dz”

And if there is one guy we all should consider really formally thanking, someone, that if he didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have all of this. Someone, that when I spoke of dedication earlier, made the expression seem weak. Someone whose dedication is so overwhelming and participation so total that I hope he gets rewarded enough. Abula, we all do thank you.

Time for another cup of coffee.

Yet, winter is closing in, and most likely the opposite for you Oceanic people and there’s not one part of me that is thrilled about it. I tend to get extremely over-dramatic while drinking coffee in the middle of the night, writing about people, about a scene, about the game I like. Live with it please, and take it for what it is, please, laugh.

There was one thing that triggered this writing; as I started my computer I realised I didn’t want to join up on some forum where I can meet new people, I didn’t want to start MSN, nor speak on my phone or anything similar. I didn’t want to start jabbering about nonsense on #across either for that matter. And then I came to think about all those Medias we do have today, that basically eliminate any chance of us being alone, in the society we live in today. We can just pick and choose whatever we feel like – most of the time I find it relieving, but at many times I’ve experienced all these communication possibilities as more or less stressful and rather painful. It is not easy to be alone today, if you wish for it. Especially not when you have a fever, and phone keeps on ringing, MSN keeps on blinking, and so forth. This is when one is supposed to think of a dense deep forest and a small cottage; watch or preferably read, Lord of the Rings. My point, however, is that, for all of you who think you are alone in any way, fuck that, you’re reading this now, aren’t you?

I’m a very curious person, I think I’d have to admit, I am very interested in people overall, and I don’t find it extremely hard to express myself among other people, but I do know we’re all different when it comes to this, and this is the primary thing that makes an “electronic” scene so inspiring and beautiful, here I see people, well I think I know people, that normally wouldn’t utter a word, nor say their meaning, but here they indeed are. Can’t they fucking learn anything from that? Gain strength? It’s a good media, and as I spoke to one of the people in the Elma scene on MSN earlier, I came to realise that whatever you do, don’t let an electronic scene or community dominate the biggest and most important one, real life. Combine them, and you’ll even find the love of your life online, not likely within the Elma scene though, unless you aren’t a heterosexual, which I’m totally convinced not everyone are.

I’m aware this all sounds pretty pretentious in some way, and I give away that one for free. It’s intended to be just an ordinary writing, which leaves you nothing but a nice feeling, or a happy thought. You’re not supposed to analyse this, so don’t.

I’m very positive about the future of the Elma scene, Internals and Externals, I’m convinced we’ll live for long. And not long from now, I will attend an Elma meeting with Bartek, ramone, some other Swedish kuskis, and very, Very hopefully, John.

Additionally, please keep up the positive attitude and the dedication to the game, it makes it all better for everyone who wants part of this. I’m proud of being here, playing this game, because of you, and I most definitely wouldn’t be here playing without you, alone.

Have a good winter and be good.

Luther aka Tomas Samuelsson, 03.00 2005-11-18
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Post by Luther » 12 Dec 2006, 15:46

Hello people of the Elma World.

More than one year has past since I wrote "Everyday thoughts and easy reading, about Elma, the scene and some other things". Hence it is about time someone summed up the year of 2006 through the eyes of the community. But however, something tells me it will not be as “easily read”. It will not be as much about the scene and other general community things, it will not present itself in the same positive manner we all shared last year. It will be harder to write. It is a darker story - and it will not come as much from my heart, because I refuse to see the scene and its participants disappear and vanish and be replaced by World of Warcraft or marriages, the new born second generation Elma children or drugs for that matter (well drugs not directly associated with Elasto Mania).

Came to think about it, by the way, congratulations dz, you have all our best wishes!

We are now in the middle of December, and where it used to be winter and snow where I live, is now only grey skies and lots and lots of rain. It is warm, yet not comfortingly warm, and the rain. The rain. The trees still have not lost all of their green leaves, and one might wonder what we are really doing to our planet after all (or that is, ehum maybe I am just getting older). Though at least we still have one strong reliability: the sun - which is behaving normally - with a complete absence. Thank you. Dark and grey, raining. Welcome to Scandinavia. Let us flee into the warm world of Elma? Oh, wait, there is a vegetable on the main page. Let us eat it.

I reckon that when the winter finally start, it is going to be a long one. Days are about as short as they get where I live, and thinking of days getting shorter and shorter, replaced by night, darkness and solitude: so has the scene been diminishing. What I have experienced during 2006 is the beginning of a fall of the vivid community of a great variety of individuals and groups of people, that we all love. Is it falling apart? Something suddenly happened; The amount of hardcore players who have always been dedicating themselves to the scene and the game, seemed like having no direction at all. Whence their number decreased from a great number, to less than a handful. This is not the evolution of the Elma community that I want to see! The Elma World needs its operators and mechanics.

Nevertheless, I have seen the very core of the Elma community being ripped apart: divided into an old - rarely updated – version, versus a... VEGETABLE. I wish it would at least have been a FRUIT, like an apple - something that would remind me of them good old days. "But hey, at least it is red?".

So here we are, and I'm once again attempting to sum up an entire year within the Elma community: The year of 2006. Since 2005 was a great year within the community and with the game (read the post above). I will need some more time to think about 2006 and how it really was. I need to look at it more thoroughly to make out the golden moments - because to be honest, at this moment, I cannot think of any.

When the Vegetable becomes eatable, I will consume it, sum up 2006 and its World Records, players, newcomers and general community bullshit. But as for now, I'm sticking to apples and flowers. And you should re-read "Everyday thoughts and easy reading, about Elma, the scene and some other things", and you will see what I mean.

(if you want to know more about 2006, I wrote something on Records in May this year - when I last updated my Total Time: ... 470#113470 )

Best regards and a happy Christmas.
Luther aka. Tomas Samuelsson
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Post by John » 24 Nov 2010, 19:57

Wouldn't it be interesting to read more interviews? Getting the answers to some of those questions you've been wanting to ask for some time? Whether it be Zweq reaching the #1 spot in TT, zebra hosting a new cup or even do an interview with that unknown finnish guy who's doing well in EOL (just examples). I was thinking of doing a monthly (roughly) interview with people from the scene, similar to KOM I guess. The thing is I could need your help finding those interesting people.

If you feel someone in the scene has done something noticable, something remarkable or just should have his story told, send me a PM with his (or her) name and an explanation why you think I should do the interview with him (or her). I could use two weeks to gather suggestions, then announce who's getting interviewed, another week to gather questions from the community and the last week to get a hold of the person and get the answers before publishing.

I don't know if you think this is a good idea but I've got some time on my hands these days. Give feedback here.

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