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Look for replays and levels and ask people's times.

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Re: Replays sharing

Post by abruzzi » 10 Jul 2020, 02:59

<Pawq> at a gym you have only 3 options: 1. have your eyes closed, 2. stare at yourself, 3. stare at others, all of which are either super boring or disgusting

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Re: Replays sharing

Post by Mielz » 31 Jul 2020, 18:14

WR table is up so i share as i promised) ... =39mi3861b extra: ex-shadow WR that didnt do it to the table, my fastest pre-tunnel run ever but no good tunnel and sad flower instead

Also i think i never shared my int17 recs so lets do it, my prev 3 WRs + SL here (lol 53.37, still being WR after so bad end)

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Re: Replays sharing

Post by VALDO » 1 Aug 2020, 10:34

Very cool moves!

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Re: Replays sharing

Post by pawq » 1 Aug 2020, 12:47

Amazingly pretty pipe rek, and sik stuff in other reks too :> must've been a mini heart attack at the end bounce of teh 38.36 rek in haircut, genuinely thought you died first time xd

thanks for sharing! :beers:

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