28. Bounce Back

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28. Bounce Back

Post by John »

28. Bounce Back (QWQUU028)

WR in table #1: 56,05
Current World Top 10:
1. Zweq [WNO] Image 47,53 2012-07-06
2. Bjenn [EF] Image 49,16 2012-12-09
3. John [WNO] Image 49,48 2010-09-19
4. GRob [NGT] Image 49,50 2012-09-06
5. Madness [SPEED] Image 49,75 2012-03-10
6. Spef [SPEED] Image 49,77 2013-02-08
7. Mielz [SPEED] Image 49,86 2012-03-13
8. talli [EPO] Image 49,93 2013-01-27
9. Kazan Image 50,37 2012-06-23
10. TorInge [ICE] Image 50,61 2006-01-22

Number of apples: 5
Number of WR improvements: 26
Number of different WR-holders: 10
First appeared in: v 1.x

[Style history / WR history]
1. Petri [SSC] Image 0:56,05 #1
2. Petri [SSC] Image 0:54,94 #2
3. Petri [SSC] Image 0:54,84 #4
4. Petri [SSC] Image 0:54,21 #15
5. Elbono [SC] Image 0:54,19 #52
6. Karlis [FM] Image 0:53,47 #53
7. pajen [WRS] Image 0:52,81 #73
8. TorInge [tlt] Image 0:52,69 #85
9. Karlis [FM] Image 0:52,52 #90
10. TorInge [IC] Image 0:51,87 #96
11. Karlis [FM] Image 0:51,85 #119
12. Cloud [IC] Image 0:51,68 #151
13. Karlis [FM] Image 0:51,33 #155
14. TorInge [ICE] Image 0:50,97 #180
15. Luther [ICE] Image 0:50,92 #204
16. John [WNO] Image 0:50,76 #214
17. TorInge [ICE] Image 0:50,61 #232
18. John [WNO] Image 0:50,52 #240
19. talli [EPO] Image 0:50,45 #285
20. Zweq [WNO] Image 0:50,13 #289
The first WR made using the faster route down the hole after the 4th apple.
21. Zweq [WNO] Image 0:49,78 #290
22. Zweq [WNO] Image 0:49,48 #300
23. Zweq [WNO] Image 0:49,21 #301
24. Zweq [WNO] Image 0:48,86 #302
25. Zweq [WNO] Image 0:48,48 #306
26. Zweq [WNO] Image 0:47,53 #350

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Re: 28. Bounce Back

Post by Grace »

I wanted to send a replay here because after nearly 20 years of playing Elma I learnt something in int28 today. For the longest time, I've found this level frustrating to play because of the start, and it demotivated me! I find that the weird not-bounce-turn on the first apple was so inconsistent to do quickly that I never set a decent time - sure, it's not that hard to do it; but most of the time youll get it and lose 0.3s or 0,5s, but it just feels so bad! I maybe get 1 in 20 runs past that apple which means once every few minutes!!!

So in frustration while hoyling, I decided to try and just... not do it. And I discovered something I never saw watching anyone else's replays... just bopping your wheel over the left edge is very little to no timeloss compared to doing the style properly and is 100% consistent, I can do it every single run.

Here's my 52:08 showing what I mean. This is a world class time with a backup strat?!

Sure, you're never breaking a world record doing this, but if you're going for a Pro or WC time (or Good or whatever), check out the first 10 seconds in this replay for a style you'll get 20 times as often and lose basically no time at all. Getting 20 or 30 times as many attempts at the rest of the level in exchange for 0.2s means you are likely going to optimise more than 0.2s in the rest of the level!

This probably isn't some brand new find but I had never seen this - it's well worth trying if you're an int hoyla :)
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Re: 28. Bounce Back

Post by Tm »

Very good point, Grace. I don't get fast start either...
Nonetheless, doing almost the same bump stop as you...

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Re: 28. Bounce Back

Post by Igge »

Cool! Thanks for sharing here to keep the info consolidated. :)

Funny also that the very first volts in this lev can be done so differently too.
I do like Tm with touch on the side of the start poly, Grace does two later volts, and if you check Spefs rec it's instead an earlier volt on top of the start poly

Now go for the cool drop in the middle Grace ;)
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