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Re: elmaonline-site releases

Post by Kopaka » 20 Nov 2022, 16:34

Release 22 November 2022 :apple:

Recplayer updates:
- Memory leak in Firefox has been fixed, which means much better performance
- Shows bike at start position on level page
- Stops your screen from sleeping when rec is playing (limited support)
- On level page it's zoomed out so whole level fits in view, this can also be activated by pressfing f key
- Existing shortcuts has been documented

Other features:
- Show records count on level pack kinglist
- Pagination added on notifications page
- Rename recs downloaded through personal times tab
- Level page link for ongoing cup events

Bug fixes
- Level search broken when there is no Added by info
- Level personal stats crashing when you haven't played the level or is logged out
- Level stats dead and escaped labels was swapped
- Show record holder and difference to record TT on personal tab
- Cup team tab loads events when navigating directly to it


Contributors: Markku, Finman, Dorknoob, Kopaka, ville_j

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Re: elmaonline-site releases

Post by Igge » 21 Nov 2022, 14:28

Sick update!

- Memory leak in Firefox has been fixed, which means much better performance
<3 <3 <3

Really noticable improvement!
Can now watch until ~50s before it starts lagging, while before it was like 10s)
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