FEM 2019 Throwback: finman Challenge Revisited!

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FEM 2019 Throwback: finman Challenge Revisited!

Post by FinMan » 12 Apr 2020, 09:51


It's been a while since a lot of us gathered in the picturesque countryside of Finland for the Finnish Elma Meeting 2019. We had a lot of memorable moments and I would like to bring everyone involved back to one of them, while giving those who couldn't make it an opportunity to try the challenge as well. It was a great experience for me personally and heard a lot of positive things about it and that made me want to give everyone a glimpse of what FEM is.

The idea of this contest was simple: I made 20 more or less simple, easy and untested höylä levels. I gave myself a time limit, 60 minutes, and played the levels for that period of time. Players would then be given the same amount of time, 60 minutes, to beat as many of my times as they could. Sounds like a challenge, right? :wink:

I happened to be using my fps limiter at 30 fps at the time, which isn't a bad idea for höyläs in general and for various reasons, laziness being one of them, didn't bother switching fps during the 60 minutes. In FEM, I introduced everyone to the idea on Saturday and held the event on Sunday morning at some point. You will definitely benefit from max fps compared to 30 fps in some of the levels.

The cool thing about this is there for sure will be times that are beatable for everyone as I had an average of 3 minutes for each level, and the participants don't need to focus on making a good time in all of the 20 levels. Being able to play the level that suits your style and focus on it until you get under the target makes it interesting for everyone.

What you should do:
- Download the levels below
- Make sure you're ready to play
- Set a timer for 60 minutes
- Start the timer and beat as many of these times as you can before the time runs out
- Post your results here :)
- If you want, you can also give yourself more time or see how long it takes to beat all of the times. If you do something else than the initial challenge, let us know how it went!

(24.69 KiB) Downloaded 23 times
The results in fem: Link (z took about 47 minutes)
My replays: Link. Don't look at them before playing!
... .. Pipe levels ... . ...Höylä levels .. ...
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Re: FEM 2019 Throwback: finman Challenge Revisited!

Post by A.K.B. » 13 Apr 2020, 23:05

Highly recommend, was a very fun balle in person. :D
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