Levelpack collections from zebra and Team TAP

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Levelpack collections from zebra and Team TAP

Post by zebra » 27 Dec 2021, 20:25

Hi all,

I took advantage of elma.online's cool new features and created two new levelpack collections for you! These do not contain any new levels, but I bet there are unseen levels for everyone. Even I do not recall all the levels :)

Zebra's levelpack collection: All zebra's level packs
Team TAP's levelpack collection: Levels from cups by team TAP (The Apple Placers)

If you haven't played any of my level packs, I suggest the Uni level pack which contains fairly easy battle levels for every day of a year.

Please let me know if something important is missing or if there are mistakes. For certain level packs like Master Cup there were existing level packs. In that case I used the existing packs so I do not have admin privileges on those packs and can't edit them. But most of the packs are in my control.

Enjoy :)
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