Fast Cup by Zero

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Fast Cup by Zero

Post by Zero » 16 Oct 2022, 14:54

Fast Cup are some original Zero levels from 2008! :D :gaa: :killer:

I was 12 years of age and ambitiously decided to make the greatest höylä pack of all time. These have been started as random battles here and there but never been played as a proper contest UNTIL NOW! :beer: :beer:

All levels will be played simultaneously and deadline for each level is 9th of November. Meaning that playtime is no more than 3 weeks.


PS: Level number 002 was made at my friends computer and is sadly lost. I went through efforts to find it but it's deleted forever. :cry:
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Re: Fast Cup by Zero

Post by Igge » 24 Oct 2022, 07:24

Sick levels!!
Very impressive quality for being 12yo also :0
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