sunl's LGR Utility

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sunl's LGR Utility

Post by sunl » 12 Feb 2017, 07:45


Here is my LGR utility.

Advantages over other LGR utilities:
1) Allows you to upgrade all your lgrs (FancyBOOSTed):
2) Accepts any image type (e.g. bmp, png), and fixes palette automatically
3) Tells you if there are any errors when making the .lgr file
4) Fast and convenient
5) EasyLGR crashes when you have a lot of images and so you have to use LGR utility for large lgr files

Good uses for LGR utility:
-When .pcx and palette is annoying.
-When error and don't know why
-Make customized lgr for you (combine ghost 2nd player bike with Bjenn/Hosp head with iCS pictures, for example)
-Fix shirt palette: ... 24#p254724
-Fix whole lgr palette

You can download all LGRs (thanks Sla) if you want to quickly open them all to make your own customized lgr: link


Unzip a normal lgr to see the .txt lgr format. Also read the readme.

Repository available:

Updated code to be compatible with elma python library -> fixes crash when telling lgr with non-default palette to use default palette
Fixed bug where program crashed if new masks were not in palette format
Fixed bug where special images did not have their palette fixed
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Re: sunl's LGR Utility

Post by umiz » 14 Mar 2017, 10:51

Nice work!
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Re: sunl's LGR Utility

Post by Polarix » 16 Mar 2017, 16:47

ill take a look

Edit: Ok, I tried it and this program is really useful. I am gonna download all lgrs on slas site and collect all pictures used in all of the lgrs in one zip folder.

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