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challenge the title holder

Post by ribot » 12 Feb 2018, 12:46

The first ever elma title holder, jblaze, was crowned in February 2018. He got that title from winning the tournament: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9776

How to challenge the title holder
Now that title has to be defended. To get a chance to challenge the title holder, you have to win the next tournament.

When will the next tournament start?
The goal for the challenge is to end this year, so hopefully it will start some time in spring 2018.

Who will make levels
That's a secret for now. Maybe it will be an old level maker who f*cked their life up because of level making noliforing?

The next tournament format
There will be a fresh, new tournament format this year, with the aspiration to make it good and original. There will not be any one-on-one battles, but there still will be semi finals and finals. The thing is that there is no need for a game to be in between only two players, as a semi final can as well be with 8, 12 or choose-a-number amount of players.

There will be a few qualifying rounds, so a few chances for each player to advance. With the players who advance there will be playoffs.

Both in the qualifying round and in the playoffs any player can participate in multiple battles to get more chances. Mainly the reason for this is because it's hard to find a time when all players can participate, and there is less energy spent on finding a suitable time for the participants. This also gives an advantage to the players who can participate more, and that's good because participation makes the tournament better.

Then there will be only one final battle match, and the winner of that gets to challenge the title holder.

Problems with the previous tournament
You can read more about the problems in the corresponding thread (see link at top). There were problems with prequalifying
the alleged pros. There was also problems with one-on-one battles, because it put too much work on trying to contact the players.

ps. There is a big honour to win the title. Not only are you crowned by the leader of the underground, but there is also great honour to win a ribot cup. The gods of elma have clearly said so.
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