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wow pack

Post by ArZeNiK » 25 Apr 2019, 15:02

Story of pack: Yesterday we were randomly spamming "wow" in discord's #general for whatever reason. So to increase comical effect I created this pack and pasted its link in chat. However I thought "let's not flood eol db but actually create some random pack" and so I did in like several hours.

About pack itself: It's literally just 21 levels based on the word "wow" in different forms. But the difficulty here is no ordinary: I tried adding at least one or two challenging part into the level. Some are possible to handle even for worse players, but some of them will annoy you and make you sweat nervously. Be warned however, some of these levels have vsync, like 2 or 3 of them, but that just adds on to the challenge. I guess if you can complete all levels live then you are very pro or smth. All levels are possible but I have only completed some with the help of trainlevs so not live. I think 18 and 20 are the hardest. Could have made several of them harder but my scale of comparison was myself so yeah I had to edit some levels many times to fit type arzenik noobness.

Hope levels are playable and you'll enjoy them, have fun playing.

Link to pack:
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