LBE Levels - World Records

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LBE Levels - World Records

Post by Luther » 17 May 2019, 02:18

Hi, long time Mans.

Here is a new pack, which will be my first since 2000 (when I was in team[y] and Cloud told me my levels were "a bit too Höyla".)

These will all be released first as a 60min preview as a battle in EOL. Then they should be played as normal External levels and will contain 54 unique levels.

I will manually update all record times and improvements on
Laughable maybe, but I like the feeling of how we used to play for records to enter tables with our names and teams (and flag)!

The levels are available for dl in EOL of course and the stats can also be seen under Level Packs on at some obscure location there.

If you do get a TT then awesome, but there is one Impsybility Medium Version in the pack which won't be for everyone. So focus on the individual WR:s.

And I'm coming to FEM19

Nekit for president

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