Level problems

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Level problems

Post by umiz » 13 Oct 2019, 17:11

Suddenly my levels get error. Can't even start them in SLE or NEW (or Editor).
Can someone fix this level because spent 1 hour on it and I'll check if I find solution...


Thanks mans I would apreciate it and also maybe can make more battle levels for you.
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Re: Level problems

Post by danitah » 27 Oct 2019, 16:50

Possibly what happened is you finished wrong version of lev and it got corrupted. Happens when do this:
- Save lev in external editor
- Play lev an bit
- Alt tab before taking flower to edit lev
- Edit lev and save lev after making changes
- Alt tab back to elma and take flower
- Elma will now try to write time to .lev file but it will mess up the file because it's trying to write in wrong place or something.

Can be fixed by just saving lev again if you still have editor open. Otherwise jonsykkel made a tool to recover lev an while ago. It may or may not work though. I recovered one lev with it where I lost the whole outer poly, and sometimes it just doesn't work. Smibu also made an update to SLE that allowed it to open corrupted levs, but it also doesn't work with every corrupted lev (I can't open your). I think success rate is higher with jonsykkel's tool though. Unfortunately I don't remember where I have it or if it's available somewhere.

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