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Post by DrBrakbek » 15 Nov 2019, 23:01

Hi all,

I used to play across and later elastomania many years ago and just noticed the community implemented online stuff.
A question, is it possible to play LAN? or to host an eol server locally?

If thats not possible, is there any multiplayer version that can play LAN?

Thanks for your time.

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Post by Kopaka » 15 Nov 2019, 23:33

Technically, maybe. But unfortunely it's not something we can offer, due to.. reasons. Although in case of bigger events (FEM, PEM etc.) we can set one up for that specifically.

What is your goal with playing it locally? If it's playing multiplayer with a friend, you can just do that using the public online server. If it's playing private battles with some friends, there's not quite a perfect solution. But you can distribute levels using some other means, time it yourself and just use shift+f5 to see best time. If you want to be sure no one else plays it you can all play the level locked.

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