Multiple flowers in external levels

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Multiple flowers in external levels

Post by Teige » 21 May 2002, 15:34

Hey i need help.

How do u make more than one flower.
I have saw 2 levels with more than 10 exits.
How do they do that ???

Also i am looking for the level jiz28 if anyone knows where it is please say.

Also what is the best graphic detailed level to date which looks proffesional.
Please say that too and where to get it.

One last thing, what is the food anim number ????

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Post by DYW265 » 21 May 2002, 15:43

hmm to make a level with more then one flower you first need to download one level with 2 or more flowers and then edit it. it´s not possible to make a level with many flowers in the default editor.

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Post by Abula » 21 May 2002, 15:50

Hibernatus already answered to one of your questions on old Mopolauta.

I searched through my whole computer and didn't find the jiz28.lev. I guess many other people has it neither.

Some graphic detailed levels, hm. Download 'Single Level Rates' -levels and Levels of Month here.

Apple animation has 9 (or something like that) different pictures to rotate (gives some 3D effect). Each of them has own number (1-9), called food anim number.
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Post by dz » 21 May 2002, 15:54

2 flowers aka exits in a level, hmm.. it could bring some good lev ideas, but again the game would lose one step of its simplicity, which in a game like this, is not usually good...

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Post by Hibernatus » 21 May 2002, 17:03

there could be walls of flowers.

if you need many flowers :
51 flowers :

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Post by Ramone » 21 May 2002, 18:40

I downloaded flowers2 (many flowers) just to see what a 51 flowerlevel would look like... well. It wa inly one Flower there and that one I got in 3:01. Can you beat it, sure you can... go hoyl! :)

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Post by Ramone » 21 May 2002, 19:11

I reazied as I played Flowers2 thatI already had a level named Flowers and since I got it from hibernatus on old Mopolauta I guess it´s the same as you put up here (with a wall of Flower). And I just had to play it and I got 12:36.
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Post by berhabdul » 5 Feb 2006, 13:25

Multiple Flowers are easy to make with ALE

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