Pressing several keys

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Pressing several keys

Post by Bogart » 5 Dec 2005, 18:15

I´ve a very disturbing problem with my keyboard. Sometimes I press several keys in a move and at exact the same time I need to change direction. But the mopo just keep riding in the same direction as before. I get sick of it! It seems to happen when I press brake. But I´m not sure. Anyone familiar with the problem? Is it possible to fix this problem?

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Post by teajay » 5 Dec 2005, 20:49

Yeah, I got the same problem, but not so often. It's disturbing, but I guess there isn't a solve for it ;/

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Post by jonsi » 5 Dec 2005, 21:06

in school ihave the same problem, I solved it by changing space to V or any other letter. There is something strange with the space but i think its also a os based problem. on my win98 which i play on it floats like water but on my xp the space button laggs often
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Post by 8-ball » 5 Dec 2005, 21:12

keyboard matters too.
couldnt press more than 2 buttons at same time on my old one, now like ez 22 buttons at same time

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Post by Bogart » 5 Dec 2005, 21:26

okey, couldn´t it be like a setting in windows were you can change how many keys you´re able to press? Just a guess...

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Post by niN » 5 Dec 2005, 21:43

I don't think so.. only thing to do is buy a new keyboard i think.

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Post by Bogart » 5 Dec 2005, 22:29

Tried to change key and it worked :) It´s a bit unusual but I will soon get used to it :P Thx for the tip!

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Post by The_BoneLESS » 6 Dec 2005, 00:57

I think the problem resides entirely in the keyboard itself.

The problem is, i think, that you can't actually press 2 arrows + any other buttons at the same time with recent material. So, it would be logical that switching arrow keys to letters would solve the problem.

You can make a small test to verify what i'm saying. Hold left and right arrows in any text editing program and try to type some letters ( no letters appear in my case). Then, try to hold down two letters at the same time and then, press a third letter, or a fourth ( every caracter appears at least once, meaning all the keys were submitted to the comp ).

2 ways to solve that problem ( maybe more but... ) :

- Switch your arrow keys to any alpha-numerical keys.
- Plug-in your old keyboard ( mine which is like 6 years-old doesn't beep or anything with all arrow keys + all keyboard keys held down )
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Post by Luther » 6 Dec 2005, 01:04

Teh arrow keys and some other keys, like space, take up more info teh than a normal letter key. It's raelly gay that its like that, but hey, the KB makers dont really care about teh ;(
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Post by John » 6 Dec 2005, 05:40

keytronic will do, at least mine does

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Post by petsen » 6 Dec 2005, 16:56

whats that john ??
i can press max 3
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Post by dz » 6 Dec 2005, 21:45

Keytronic, the famous elma keyboard model. I had my old with which I could press easily 15 buttons with no problems. Then it broke down.

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Post by Abula » 7 Dec 2005, 01:06

I bought one extra KeyTronic for reserve. Easily available in the second hand stores.
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