My ALE (2.1) isn't working properly.

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anso ownage
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My ALE (2.1) isn't working properly.

Post by anso ownage » 6 Jun 2006, 19:05

Ok I downloaded ALE 2.1 from

Made a new folder, and extracted all the files into there.
Then I'm running the application, ALE.exe.

It opens the program with no problems, but when the main screen is visible, it opens the messagebox: "DDraw.dll not loaded"

And then.. uhm what the heck.

I try to make a new .lev file.
Then I create an eclipse or something but when i click on the building screen, nothing happends.

Then I try to open an .lev file and, nothing shows up.

Do I miss something?

The building screen is grey all the time. Nothing shows up. :(

This tool looks really cool, and I want to it to work

Please help. :)
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Post by skint0r » 6 Jun 2006, 19:35

Try updating your directx version, might help.
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anso ownage
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Post by anso ownage » 6 Jun 2006, 20:21

but it didnt help :(

btw, im using windows 98

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Post by zworqy » 6 Jun 2006, 21:02

Did you import an LGR file?
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Post by Xiphias » 6 Jun 2006, 21:18

zworqy wrote:Did you import an LGR file?
there's no need for the LGR file... you just can't add pictures.
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Post by Raven » 7 Jun 2006, 00:06

i had teh same problem (i use win98 too). I just downloaded directX, it worked.
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anso ownage
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Post by anso ownage » 7 Jun 2006, 12:39

Okay i found out that i downloaded an old version of DirectX.

Then now i downloaded the newest version.

In the installation process im getting this error:
(just open the URL adress)

thats really god dang sick.

i dont understand what the fuck it wants me to do?


it doesnt make sense at all

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