Nitro Error

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Nitro Error

Post by wolabil » 31 Jul 2006, 19:40

I recently downloaded the Nitro Patch with Elma 1 for some kicks and giggles. However, I get an error whenever I try to go into the External Levels menu. I go to "External File" and it freezes for a second with a grey screen. Then, I get the XP error service popup asking if I want to send the info or not. I did a couple searches on here and didn't see anything about this.

Any ideas? I've played the Internal Levels with the Nitro Patch and it works fine, but I can't get to any of my externals.

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Post by pedro » 1 Aug 2006, 04:56

the error is probably happening because elma 1 has a max of 1000 external levels in a folder. If the number is over this, the game crashes. Try seperating the levs across multiple folders while making sure it has less than 1000 per folder and you should be fine.
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Post by dz » 1 Aug 2006, 06:48

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