Computer hangs when playing online

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Computer hangs when playing online

Post by trew » 23 Jun 2010, 20:56

When I play belma using "Play offline", it works perfectly. When I uncheck "play offline" to play some balles, my computer freezes after 10-30 minutes. It's kinda random when it freeze, but it's certain that it will freeze. This doesn't happen when I play any other games. Anyone have any idea of what the problem could be related to?
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Re: Computer hangs when playing online

Post by Lukazz » 27 Aug 2014, 21:54

I have got the same problem, but it only happens when I'm listening to music... I have no clue why that happens. I resetted my PC a while ago, and then it didn't freeze for a while, but today it happened like 15 times. Screen freezes for 3-5 seconds and then everything is back to normal. Impsy to play battles like that.
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Re: Computer hangs when playing online

Post by Mats » 2 Sep 2014, 20:27

stream music? would atleast be simple solution if thats problem
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