EOL problem

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Re: EOL problem

Post by Sla » 4 Mar 2017, 20:40

Hi Bjenn, hi Artem. Thanks you very much for your fast replies.

Update: I moved EOL folder from the laptop ive using and then it worked properly. I still wondering what the hell was that bug but we wont know the truth i guess. The pc is broken now after setting up EOL (i think graphic card problem). Right after pressing escape to quit Elma, boomer: pc doesnt works anymore. Good luck for me. So ill use laptop again for a while.

See you around on the Elma community.


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Re: EOL problem

Post by AndrY » 4 Jun 2017, 20:47

eol crashes after 1 sec after f12 today. it only can show "battle running" and that's all((

what is it??

edit: oke, solved. fps was >100 only. hmm...
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Re: EOL problem

Post by Lee » 9 Aug 2017, 10:40

I have a problem. My EOL drops connection from time to time, and is out for at least 15 minutes before it successfully reconnects. I "lost" a battle because of this. And today the server appears very laggy, but only to me. Even kopasite and elmaonline site won't load during these moments. However, all other websites and internet things are unaffected. I have confirmation from other elmans that there is nothing wrong with the server and it is on my end. It has been like this for a few days now, and I didn't make any changes to my computer at all. Any idea what's happening?
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Re: EOL problem

Post by pawq » 9 Aug 2017, 11:36

i bet the whole australia’s internet is connected to the other world with some guy transferring 1.44MB diskettes on a rowing boat between usa and australia
And then some mail pigeons to NZ I guess? No wonder it's lagging...

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