suddenly can't spy anymore

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suddenly can't spy anymore

Post by kuchitsu » 1 Jun 2014, 20:14

yesterday at some point spy just decided not to work anymore. never had this problem before. it still works with tcp only but it mega slow and annoying. any ideas? i'm really clueless, just out of the blue it stopped working.

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Re: suddenly can't spy anymore

Post by Lousku » 1 Jun 2014, 23:34

Same happened to me some months back, without any apparent trigger. Haven't had norm udp spy since. Something happening on server side?
then again i don't know anything
maybe easier not to think abouut alöl things thought than not things thought ... or something..=?

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Re: suddenly can't spy anymore

Post by FinMan » 2 Jun 2014, 14:19

Happened quite a lot recently for me :|
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Re: suddenly can't spy anymore

Post by DR@CON » 2 Jun 2014, 14:27

Maybe isnt same issue, but sometimes i can see others, sometimes cannot. Also began happening month ago or smth.
How i solve this: mark tcp only, enter elma (can see others now), close elma, unmark tcp only, enter elma again and suddenly can see others again! Sometimes doesnt works 1st try tho and have to do it again, then works.

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