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Johnny Wayne

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Post by Johnny Wayne » 28 Feb 2006, 20:27

Hello, i'm Lukazz with a new account my problem is this: when i click and on a thread where it says for example one post at 16:46, i see just some old posts from 2 days before, and i don't see any new posts, now i tested it with a new account but it's still the same shit :X

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Post by zworqy » 28 Feb 2006, 21:16

Does it happen only near a new page of the topic?
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Post by Luki » 28 Feb 2006, 21:23

no, everytime i visit mopolauta i see new post on Replays and Times but the last post is still crazies post on fun times some days ago, thats really annoying, but i can watch posts when im not logged in

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Post by Crazy » 28 Feb 2006, 21:35

interesting. The very same thing happened to me 2-3 weeks ago. Though I have no idea of why it happened.
It ended after some days for me.
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Post by Luki » 28 Feb 2006, 21:39

niN said he had the same problem, i hope it ends soon, its very annoying for a lautaadicted like me :?

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Post by teajay » 28 Feb 2006, 21:45

Haeh, I'm the only true addict here. :)

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Post by niN » 28 Feb 2006, 21:49

tijsjoris wrote:Haeh, I'm the only true addict here. :)
True ;) but thats a good thing :D

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Post by Lukazz » 1 Mar 2006, 10:12

Ok now it works...
pls deleat the johnny wayne account
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Post by Abula » 1 Mar 2006, 16:25

You don't have to create a new account to post to Feedback / Problems.

Probably some proxys were delaying for you.
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