internet and privacy

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internet and privacy

Post by onlainari » 8 Feb 2006, 15:03

Almost all action you make on internet is stored and can't be undone, like this message too. They have services to store everything. Can look back to old messages in mopolauta and see, how perhaps your personality has changed.

What about in 10-50 years? Everything will be indexed better, and it is easier to access whoever's entries if they ever submitted any data on the internet.

You can start reading your old blogs and forum entries, and make it feel like a yesterday. - Before internet, a personal diary and your personal pictures was a way to go back to history, but now there is internet, and it is not personal anymore. Whoever can learn whoever, privacy is gone forever.

Original: Things don't play out always like wanted on the internet. In real-time chat, it is harder to express.
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Post by Kopaka » 8 Feb 2006, 15:23

Atleast sometimes things don't come out the way I want them too, which is mainly when talking in non native language english. Even though I think I should be pretty good at it by now some things are hard to formulate. :I

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Post by teajay » 8 Feb 2006, 18:08

Problem is, that communicating isn't only done through sentences in real life. In IRC you can send messages which may seem like a certain kind of mood, but when you would've said it straight to the man in real life it may be totally different.

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