When do u go sleep / wake up?

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When do u go sleep / wake up?

Post by anpdad » 4 Apr 2006, 06:44

Quite interesting question for me.
When do u go sleep? For me, i never do it before 2-3 a.m. But i also wake up too late, so i miss lots of lessons :D
Did elma affected your sleeping order? How about IRC?

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Post by zworqy » 4 Apr 2006, 07:28

Weekdays: Sleep from about 00:00 to 08:00.
Weekends: Sleep from 02-03:00 to 12-13:00.
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Post by insane guy » 4 Apr 2006, 07:32

when i am working/studying or whatever i go to bed at 2-3 am and get up at 7.00 or 7.30 i just cant fall asleep earlier, after 8pm my most active/productive part of the day starts....

in holidays or whatever i go to sleep about 4am, depends on certain things and ez sleep till 2 or 3 pm
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Post by Revolt » 4 Apr 2006, 07:44

Good question.

Weeknights at the moment im trying to get a lot of sleep in so im usually in bed by 10-10.30pm and will be up at around 7.30am

Weekends I usually go to bed around 1-2am and get up about 9am.

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Post by Boomer » 4 Apr 2006, 11:28

Weekdays: 00:00 -> 06:00. (mon and fri) Tue, Wed & Thur: 00:00 -> 08.00
Weekends: 01-02:00 -> 10-11:00.
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