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Re: IMDB votelists

Post by Ruben » 4 Jun 2021, 15:01

Tigro wrote:
4 Jun 2021, 11:40
The Queen's Gambit (2020) - 9/10
Very good chess setting short series.

Chernobyl (2019) - 10/10
Probably the best short series I have watched to date.
t. I know that this is kinda like the "origins" of Tomb Rider, there was action and all that, but wasn't anything special. If they make another TR movie with Alicia, I'll probably watch, but I'll probably give it another 5.

Dark (2017-2020) - 9/10
Very entertaining German TV series, with closed plot, so it's not going anywhere else. It started kinda ominously, and very quickly became so tangled and complicated, but somehow the director/screenwriter still managed, the viewer is able to keep track of what is actually happening, yet they know there is so much they still don't know and are stoked to see how it all turns out. I really recommend if you want some different take on time travel, alternate realities etc.
Quite agree with these, recommend to everyone really, and will check out the others you liked too.

Queen's Gambit was unexpected, I thought it was going a very different direction initially, which was fun. Very pleasantly surprised that a good show also had a decent representation of chess. I get that they had to appeal to a broader audience, but I would still have liked even more of the focus to be on the chess board and not on their faces.

Chernobyl I think is the only truly harrowing TV/film I've ever seen. Some strange artistic license taken where historic facts are concerned.

Dark – as with all time travel gaks – is total cocaine for me so I don't think I can give a terribly unbiased review. Due to its complicated nature it had a lot of exposition to get through, and it felt a little bogged down in S3.
Tigro wrote:
4 Jun 2021, 11:40

Murder Mystery (2020) - 2/10
Pure puke. I couldn't handle more than 12 minutes, I don't think.
Has Jennifer Aniston ever been in anything that wasn't dreadful besides Friends?

I also want to add:

Star Trek TOS: 6/10
Episodes vary from straight up 1/10 to 10/10 across all seasons, although S3 being the worst offender with a slew of cheap scripts and sometimes visibly rushed production. Still, if you like camp 60's scifi this is the show for you. All the characters are top, and with better treatment could have been great. Too bad JJ treated them even worse.

Star Trek TNG: 8/10
The first season has its moments, but it's really poor in general. It takes a few seasons for everyone to find their footing, but when it's good it's really, really good. Possibly some of the best TV I've ever seen. A lot of TV and film pretend to be deep, TNG is so effortlessly. But let's face it, there's not a season without a few genuine howlers.

Star Trek DS9: 9/10
I really didn't like it initialy, but somehow it's grown on me over the course of watching, and now I absolutely adore it. It's really just a soap opera with lots of facial prostethics, and it has no right to be as good as it is. It's no longer episodic, opting in stead for much longer arcs going across seasons, and as such it has very few standalone episodes that work in isolation. This way it also largely avoids truly terrible episodes, though there are a couple.

Where TNG tested the validity and sustainability of Roddenberry's ideals on a galactic level, DS9 took them to the breaking point. Earth may be a utopia in Star Trek, but at what cost?
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Re: IMDB votelists

Post by Lee » 4 Jun 2021, 15:22

Yes for Chernobyl (2019). Go watch it!

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Re: IMDB votelists

Post by Hosp » 7 Jun 2021, 20:15

<Ruben> Has Jennifer Aniston ever been in anything that wasn't dreadful besides Friends?
We're The Millers

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Re: IMDB votelists

Post by skint0r » 8 Jun 2021, 09:41

Ruben wrote:
4 Jun 2021, 15:01
Has Jennifer Aniston ever been in anything that wasn't dreadful besides Friends?
Office Space
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Re: IMDB votelists

Post by Sunshine » 19 Jul 2021, 16:17

Ruben wrote:
4 Jun 2021, 15:01
Has Jennifer Aniston ever been in anything that wasn't dreadful besides Friends?
I thought Horrible bosses 1-2 were decent.

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Re: IMDB votelists

Post by John » 19 Aug 2022, 15:13

The highs and lows of movies I've seen in 2022 so far:

Top Gun: Maverick - 9/10
Seen six times on the big screen. Rating is partly based on the experience as a whole but the story isn't bad.

Coda - 9/10
Great overall vibe. Moving and funny.

Everything Everywhere All at Once - 8/10
Quite unique.

Lady in the Water - 2/10
Just horrible imo. Best thing about it was the score, the rest I didn't like.

Elvis - 3/10
Rushed and shallow.

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Re: IMDB votelists

Post by specter2 » 19 Aug 2022, 16:45

<Ruben> Has Jennifer Aniston ever been in anything that wasn't dreadful besides Friends?
if you think friends is her best work, acquire some taste!

some of my ratings from the recent

baby driver - 8/10
surprisingly good. had this in my watchlist for years (not sure how it ended up in there). specifically enjoyed the audio editing and how the effects and sounds became together with the music and the story.

malignant - 7/10
also pretty good in horror genre standards, didn't know what to expect. had enough characteristics to stand out from generic horror movie bs.

old - 4/10
just terrible. total bs story, lines and acting. or well i guess the story could've worked out somehow if it was totally remade in some way.

gerald's game - 7/10
yet again a positive surprise for a horror genre movie. perhaps one of best stephen king adaptations, can suggest if you don't want stupid jump scares and action.

no time to die - 7/10
it was alright. the first half of the movie was better and let the expectations grow a bit too high, in the end it didn't quite work out as well as i hoped for. sounds in the theater were way too fucking loud.

druk - 7/10
fun movie, not as dark as i expected.

the girl in the yellow jumper - 5/10
i had too high expectations for this. sure it had its moments but in the end it was a let down. anyway no regrets watching it!

contact - 8/10
not sure how i have missed this classic. i might have seen some parts of it on a telly as a kid since some of it felt a bit familiar. anyway recently i found out about it by a video that was addressing some interesting scenes in popular films. would label it as intelligent sci-fi, somehow reminded me of arrival.

black box - 7/10
i have rated it as seven but i really have no recollection of what happened in this movie so maybe i should lower the score. even after reading the synopsis i just can't remember the movie. perhaps i was too drunk or something. the only thing i remember is that i stumbled upon this movie when i was searching for another movie with the same name that was dealing with an airplane crash - that movie i still have yet to see.

the wall - 8/10
really liked this one. i have a thing for closed (small) space movies, i find them usually very interesting. light spoiler comment ahead, don't read if you don't want to know what to expect not sure how i like the ending, but maybe that's a good thing too that you are left a bit baffled at the end.

midsommar - 8/10
yet another good horror picture. loved the visuals, atmosphere and happenings. truly recommend!

hereditary - 8/10
from the same director as midsommar, didn't know that while watching but recognized the style while watching and had to check it out. not quite as good as midsommar, but again - very good for a horror flick.

death on the nile - 5/10
i'm a huge fan of agatha christie's novels, but unfortunately it seems like they can't be transferred on a film that well. also didn't like the orient express at all. this felt quite boring and just somehow... dull.

the batman - 6/10
i just don't understand why they keep making these films. it was alright as a movie but i had zero interest in it as a batman and i don't think it brought anything new on the table.

the matrix resurrections - 5/10
the first half of the movie was at least interesting not knowing where it was going, then it was just downhill. not that the 2nd and 3rd movie were much better anyway.

uncharted - 6/10
fun movie and visually appealing. generic story with not much surprises and anything new. mainly watched because i like the uncharted games.

guardians of the galaxy - 7/10
surprisingly fun and enjoyable "superhero" movie. funny lines didn't feel as forced as in some other similar movies.

vivarium - 6/10
it was truly interesting, but in the end i didn't quite get it and understand what and why things happened and what was the whole point of things.

natural born killers - 9/10
truly surprising! i recognized the name of the movie from the old days but had no idea what it was. enjoyed the mood and style and everything that was going on. something i'm sure i will be rewatching some time.

it chapter two - 5/10
boring, overly long cgi whoring. should probably rewatch the good old mini series.

titane - 8/10
weird but interesting movie. liked the aesthetics and how it left things up for interpretation. something to think about during and after watching.

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