"Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

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"Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

Post by kuchitsu » 15 Nov 2019, 21:15

You know these videos where they talk about speedrunning Mario or whatever and describe how people kept finding new tricks and stuff? Is there something similar for IRL sports? For example, how did sportsmen keep breaking the 1 mile record, what kind of improvements did they come up with?

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Re: "Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

Post by Lousku » 16 Nov 2019, 00:49

then again i don't know anything
maybe easier not to think abouut alöl things thought than not things thought ... or something..=?

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Re: "Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

Post by Lee » 16 Nov 2019, 01:25

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Re: "Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

Post by iCS » 16 Nov 2019, 09:36


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Re: "Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

Post by ArZeNiK » 16 Nov 2019, 11:18

they probably just did it faster. sports are not really shortcuttable. and raw history you can find on wikipedia or some yt stats vids
but probably there are more techniques than just exercising, idk much about sports actually
but i would very much be interested in a chess top1 history video
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Re: "Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

Post by Orcc » 16 Nov 2019, 11:26

For example in running the improvements are axxually quite heavily dependent on the equipment. I read some article where they analyzed records from way back and the conclusion was that some of them might even be "better" than current wr. In athletics it's mostly the shoes and the track surface that have been improved

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Re: "Speedrun breakdown" for IRL sports?

Post by abruzzi » 19 Nov 2019, 00:58

check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiUE3qDnFtU and generally other "why it's almost impossible(..)" videos. very professional stuff
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