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New board software

Post by Abula » 17 May 2002, 00:38

Finally we got rid of that commercial ezboard. It was pretty good but this one is much better. phpBB uses PHP and MySQL and requires more from the server. We'll see whether we have too much traffic or not. It wasn't possible to convert old ezboard topics to this system but they are still readable in

You have to make a new account if you want to post.

A tiny list of things to remember here:
- Graphic smilies are disabled (we can discuss about enabling them)
- Some simple HTML tags are enabled but instead, use BBCode
- Special statuses are only given by me, but never to a person who asks them himself :).
- The only allowed language is English. There are separate forums for other languages (well, at least for some).
- Foolish speaking isn't that funny.
- Think about the name of a new topic when creating it (for example "Hey!!" or "Levels" aren't that good nor descriptive).
- When replying you must say something. I mean messages containing only "=))" or "hehe" will give a ban for the user.
- Don't flood to get next status, this kind of behaviour is also worth banning.
- Register as your Elma nick that people can recognize you (Jeppe for example). And 16 letters is the max lenght. I can edit the nick so contact me if you need to modify it.

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